December 9, 2023
These incredibly talented designers work hard to curate homes, commercial spaces and production sites for their clients. From recommendations for Black owned paint companies, to bedding, accessories and more...these are your go to leaders in the design industry.

The best design of our lives start at home and creating a beautiful space takes thought and talent. These incredibly talented designers work hard to curate homes, commercial spaces and production sites for their clients. Hire one and you’ll surely get a unique, Pinterest worthy home. Be sure to check out their websites and IG pages for all kinds of inspiration. From recommendations for Black owned paint companies and furniture, to bedding, accessories and more…these are your go to leaders in the design industry.

10. Dominique Calhoun

Remix Living is a Boutique Interior Design firm whose design plan is simple; to create a curated customized set for every client we service; genius in function and creative in form. Started in 2015 by principal designer, Dominique Calhoun, she believes everyone should experience their version of interior luxury based on their needs and lifestyle. In addition to her design studio, Dominique is the only Black owner and operator of a furniture showroom in Philadelphia. Check out Remix Living Showroom. They ship anywhere in the country!

9. Sheyna James

Sheyna James Interiors focuses on providing a holistic approach to interior design centering on individuality, lifestyle & the human senses. Sheyna and her tan offer interior design consulting virtually and in-person as a means to make the interior design experience that much more affordable & accessible.

Looking for e-design? Sheyna is your go to!

8. Joy Moyler

Joy Moyler is an award winning Designer and Principal of Joy Moyler Interiors (JMI). JMI’s goal is to add value to your investments in the most beautiful way.

For 2019 Elle Decor A-List and 2019 Top 20 Hollywood Reporter Interior Designer Joy Moyler – Fashion, for as long as she can remember has influenced and underscored the content of JMI’s projects. These influences of textiles, color, depth and pattern seep into projects carving their own place.

7. Kiyonda Powell

Kiyonda Powell Design Studio, LLC is a boutique interior design firm based in Washington DC transforming residential and commercial spaces through thoughtful and innovative concepts.
With a background in the hospitality industry as well as residential and boutique commercial design, Kiyonda has made an indelible contribution to the design industry for the last 17 years.

6. Quintel Gwinn

Quin Gwinn Studio is a full-service interior architecture and design studio assisting clients with a wide range of requests, including the design of architectural details, selection of finishes, collaborating with craftsmen and artisans, decorating to the gawds, and custom pieces designed just for your project. 

5. Alvin Wayne

Interior designer + Visual curator + Home staging extraordinaire…Alvin Wayne’s work is nothing short of amazing.

4.Tiffanni Reidy

Reidy Creative provides Interior Architecture for Your Home & Favorite 3rd Space in Baltimore & Beyond Are you a small business owner who dreams of opening a storefront, but you don’t know how to turn that identity into a tangible space? Principal Designer Tiffanni Reidy can help you stay on brand while creating a place you won’t mind spending most of your waking hours in. Which is what you need, because the hustle is real, and so worth it.

3. Jeanna George

Jeanna George is a designer and Atelier Manager for the distinguished Habachy Designs + Atelier in Atlanta. This Chicago native knowledge and talent makes her a design powerhouse.

2. Michael Jeffrey

Michael Jeffrey Homes is a full service interior design firm that specializes in creating inspiring and thoughtfully curated residential and commercial environments. Not only are they a great resource for your modern design needs, they also partner with skilled artisans in every architectural trade.

Whether it’s simply styling a room or managing your full renovation, this firm wants you to feel fulfilled everyday in your home.

1. Chanae Richards

Chanae Richards is the Owner, Lead Designer and creative force behind ọlọrọ interiors. With a background in finance + operations, Chanae is a fiscal steward and has led projects ranging from small space consultations to designing sets for television studios.

She is the only Interior and Production Designer with several production venues under management. Her spaces have been featured on National Geographic, Vice, Centric, CNN, The Travel Channel and more. Chanae’s “it” factor? Her sharp visual awareness, sourcing power coupled with the ability to understand who you are, what you need/want and what it takes to get your idea from concept to completion.

…full disclosure: the ọlọrọ interiors team creates all of the #BWNCHome content.

Use the hashtag #BWNCHome so we can see how you curate your Black Home. Be sure to check out the Black Interior Designers Network for more inspo.

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