June 8, 2023


Could there finally be some recognition with the launching of the #1619Project? . . . Who are the faces of these mass shootings? . . . Why is Trump mad at Fox News? All that and more in Your Daily Shot.

1. The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project is a must read. Nikole Hannah Jones is the mastermind behind this fearless, educational, and on-time project. With more essays to come, 8 profound essays on the 400 years since slavery began await your eager eyes. Check them all out, here.  

2. Calling the police could be dangerous even when you’re the one calling them

“How is it that I was still able to assess the situation, protect the officers from my dog, protect my dog from the officers, keep my son safe, and deescalate everything while staring down two guns using my words and a [whole lot of] [B]lack girl magic?” For the full story on why this question was posed by this Black woman in the first place, go to this article

3. Trump ‘bigly’ mad at Fox News

Polls from across multiple sources are showing a decline in Trump’s poll numbers, but none more revealing that Fox News latest poll. Trump is upset with Fox News letting the world know one thing . . . For more on the story, go here

4. Florida ‘stand your ground’ trial begins

NBC News

Last summer a Black man was gunned down by the defendant, Michael Drejka, over a handicap parking space. Legal minds such as Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump are saying this case is eerily similar to the Zimmerman trial, who also took matters into his own hands acting like a “wanna be cop.” The trial begins today. For full coverage, go here

5. 3 suspects in custody for 3 potential mass shootings

White men, racist white men we should say, are terrorizing this country with mass shooting after mass shooting. Just this past weekend, thankfully, authorities arrested 3 white men suspected of committing more mass shootings around this country. To find out exactly how much fire power and level of carnage they allegedly wished to commit, go here

Black In The Day . . .

Robert C. Maynard changing the face of journalism

 The passing of a trailblazer . . . 

Robert C. Maynard, the first African American editor and owner of a major daily newspaper in the United States, was known as a trailblazing journalist who led efforts to desegregate newsrooms and educate minority students to pursue careers in journalism. For more on his story, go here

James Meredith and his long walk into history

On this date in 1963, the first Black person graduated from the University of Mississippi.

James Meredith received his bachelor’s degree from the (then) 115-year-old academic institution. His initial attempt to attend the school brought on race riots on their Oxford campus that left two people dead and Federal troops were stationed on the campus to protect him until he graduated. Read more by clicking this LINK

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