#GirlDad Goals: I Want My Daughters To Have The Confidence Of A Middle Age, Mediocre White Male

“What does it mean to have the confidence of a middle age, mediocre white male?” I’m happy you asked. To have the confidence of a middle age, mediocre white male means that you have reached your apex in assuming what the world owes you compared to the actual contributions you have made to the world. When you reach this level of confidence, you demand more, even if you don’t deserve shit. You walk into a job interview requesting a $20k increase to whatever salary is offered to you. You look…

10 Interior Designers You Should Know For Black History Month and Beyond

These incredibly talented designers work hard to curate homes, commercial spaces and production sites for their clients. From recommendations for Black owned paint companies, to bedding, accessories and more…these are your go to leaders in the design industry.

Drake and Future Drop New Song “Desires” at 3Am This Morning

This sounds a lot like classic Drake with the song switch ups and the singing Drake. Takes me back to the So Far Gone Era in a lot of ways. This is their second time linking in the last few weeks with Life Is Good preceding this song. Check out the new music here.