Bias and the Black QB in the NFL

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the historic nature in which the NFL had Black men as starting quarterbacks. I talked, with guarded optimism, about how the associated biases and stigmas that were unfairly levied against Black quarterbacks since the beginning, were finally starting to subside. This new age, this Golden age, of the Black QB was here (finally!) and there was no turning back. But then today told me otherwise….

Lovecraft Country – Jig-a-Bobo (S1E8)


Lovecraft does nothing without reason. I knew with “Bobo’s” repeated appearances we were going to face what happened to Emmett Till. The title warned me that this episode would be intense, but I was not prepared for how deep they were going to go. “What’s that smell?” Diana’s question and Ruby’s struggle to respond was like a backhand to the face. In a real interview, Mamie Till’s own words described that because of the heat, Emmett’s body was indeed detectable for a two to three block radius prior to reaching…