5 Things You Need To Know

  1. Three University of Mississippi students suspended by their fraternity for posing with brandished guns in front of Emmett Till Memorial in Mississippi. University of Mississippi refused to take action against the students for their blatantly bias and racist photograph because it did not violate the school’s code of conduct. Read more here.
  2. Rev. Al Sharpton is back in the news after his appearance on ‘Morning Joe’ declaring that Democrats need to end the “infighting” and focus on Trump instead. You can read more on the story here.
  3. The second round of 2020 debates are around the corner. For full coverage, tune into Black With No Chaser on July 30th & 31st at 8PM ET for live coverage and our take on each candidates’ remarks. Click here for the complete debate schedule.
  4. On Thursday, July 25, Trump and bipartisan congressional leaders agree to a sweeping two-year budget agreement that will produce billions of dollars and lift the caps until July 2021 to avoid a fiscal crisis. That said, Congress still needs to come to terms with budget spending by Oct. 1 to avoid another government shutdown in this Congress. Read more here
  5.  Representative Ayanna Pressley (MA-7) is poised to introduce a bill to end Attorney General Barr’s reinstatement of the death penalty. Keep in mind, no person condemned by our federal criminal justice system has been put to death since 2003. Yesterday the Department of Justice announced that five men will be put to death. Read more here

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