A Celebration of Womanhood and Life

All I Want is AJIA’s second independent release following her debut single Broken. The song came about almost a year ago. AJIA was driving and started humming a melody, and it stuck. As soon as she pulled into the parking lot, she recorded the idea and went on about her day. A month or two later, she sent producer, Brandon Black, one half of the Kreative Villains duo, acapella vocals of the song to see if he liked it. He took that audio, changed the key, sped up the tempo, and cooked up a whole beat without her knowledge. Four months later, when AJIA went to Atlanta to work on her debut single, she intended also to record All I Want from scratch.

“Releasing this song on my birthday signifies a celebration of my womanhood. Over the last couple of years, I have come into my own, and I want other women to feel sexy and liberated when they hear this song—like I did when I wrote it!” AJIA said. “There are so many things in society that tell us how women should act, look, and feel. What if we want to have a little fun, dance while everyone is watching, or get sexy for no reason at all? We can do what we want. We don’t have to bend the rules; we can make our own!”

With a catchy hook, moving percussions, and vocals, All I Want is a sure playlist vibe. 

“I think there is so much power in having confidence and owning who you are as a person, hence why I chose my birthday as the release date. Birthdays are one of the many days out of the year that people feel the most fearless. All eyes are on you. Similar to birthdays, All I Want makes me feel untouchable. The lyrics “don’t wanna be in love, but I want you” are bold and flirtatious, many things I’d probably be shy to say outside of singing,” AJIA said. “I try to be as intentional as possible when sharing my art, down to the release date and color scheme. I hope that people love it as much as I enjoyed making it!

All I Want will be available on all streaming platforms on February 16th.

Check out the visual for her single, Broken

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