A Cry From Inside: Parchman Prisoner’s Medical Conditions Have Gone Untreated for Months

Upon his family’s Plea, for help, We demand Parchman State Penitentiary take immediate action on behalf of Wesley Clayton who is being held on lock down. In fear of retaliation, we demand transparency to the families of all men’s medical treatment inside MDOC facilities henceforth.

Approximately two weeks ago a Mississippi woman was contacted by her husband from inside Parchman State Penitentiary Unit 29. She was informed that he had broken his arm and has been refused medical attention for the injury for over a month. Upon seeking treatment he was sent in for an x-ray, given two shots, and sent back into population.

His pleas for relief are ignored. Nurses make daily rounds and there are no meds to ease his pain.

As the days go by it is becoming harder and harder to deal with the pain of getting into his top bunk or simply moving.

Calls have been made to the MDOC constituent services who claims that instruction to the warden of the prison to have him moved to a low bunk in medical have been ignored.

As of today, he has received no medical attention and believes that his injury may be infected.

After multiple calls to medical’s UNIT 42 over the past 2 days, his wife has been unable to speak with the warden or the administration but instead has been instructed to leave a message.

Since making his injuries known, recently, he has informed his wife that he has felt unsafe reaching out to people outside of the prison about his injury. He feels that his safety may be in danger. With 15 men having died in MDOC custody in the last month and many of the issues being precipitated inside by employees of MDOC, his concerns are extremely justifiable. His wife has now not heard from him for several days and she states that this is extremely unusual. She would like to speak with her husband.

The Current State of Wesley Clayton’s Arm.

Although in fear, with fingers so numb that, in his own words, “if I bite them off I wouldn’t feel a thing” and in what he describes as the worst pain he has ever experienced, he has been driven to plead for help.

He is in Urgent Need Of Antibiotics for an infection resulting from the untreated fracture and also in need of pain medication and real treatment and care. Under no circumstances should he have to beg for an arm in this condition to be taken care of. Additionally, none of the other men inside should have to beg for adequate care either.

A Second Angle of the Arm

1. We Demand that Wesley Clayton in Unit 29 of Parchman Penitentiary be treated immediately for injuries to his arm.

2. We demand that Wesley Clayton Receive proper medical care, medication, and rehabilitation for his injured arm and any infection that may exist as a result of a month of neglect.

3. We Demand The Safety of Wesley Clayton, transparency in his ongoing treatment and condition with his wife, and the ability for them to consistently communicate with one another as he receives treatment. Additionally, we demand that no guard or employee interferes with his ability to receive treatment, or further aggravates his injuries but assist in ensuring his treatment and access to treatment.

4. We Demand that all other inmates currently suffering from conditions that have gone untreated for the last month, last week, or last day, have immediate and swift access to the necessary medical attention necessary. If parchman is unable to provide the necessary attention that these men be released to facilities that can properly treat their ailments and conditions.

To Demand immediate medical treatment on Behalf of incarcerated people in Parchman who need urgent medical care Please Contact 601.359.5162 and ask for Gloria Perry and Demand: immediate and thorough medical treatment of Wesley Clayton’s injury, management of his pain and necessary modifications to his living environment so that he can perform all his basic activities of daily living safely.

If you or a loved one have medical issues that have gone ignored in Parchman or in facilities in MDOC contact the MS Prison Reform Coalition.

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