A Nippy Day in the Summertime

Before I dive off into these feels, let me first say,

“Happy 57th Heavenly Birthday Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston!! Just as your artistic superstardom can never be eclipsed, your contribution to black excellence and black womanhood will forever be missed. We love you.”

– Black Women Now and Forever.

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Okay… Now the feels. Bare with me. I’m eulogizing our Fairy Godmother, 8.5 years later. (Exhale. We Wait No More.)

**Clears throat. Adjusts mic. Wipes tears behind my Black-owned Boutique shades**

She was our auntie, our sister-friend, our girl next door, our very own Fairy Godmother. SN: Seriously, the only one we’ve had to this day and I’m not sure I want another one. Who else could it be? If ya’ll say Beyoncé, I’m airing this place out.

Whitney Houston- Impossible from Cinderella

The 80s, 90s, and 2000s would have been a completely different reality without her. Her presence commandeered our hearts and minds with a smile and effortlessly perfect tone. SN: You know how much of a vocal beast you gotta be to smile WHILE you sing? Your fave could never do it better.

When we were standing as strong, independent women, she still gave us a BODYGUARD. SN: Kevin Costner could get it. I know. I know. Blasphemy. When we didn’t know we were WAITING, she told us TO EXHALE.  When we thought being a “good girl” was the move, she showed us fine ass Angels can get it. It was Denzel. Den-Zel. When we needed to see the magic of US, beautiful black girls and women, as Queens, Princesses, and Goddesses, damn that “multicultural cast” bit, she did the IMPOSSIBLE. And when life proved it could be everything but glitz and glamor, she gave us a little SPARKLE.

When we needed her, whether we knew it or not, we could COUNT ON Nippy, like a warm jacket on a, you guessed it, nippy day. She topped the charts. She set the records. She made America feel Beautiful, but for a moment. (My all time favorite rendition.) She loved a “bad boy” and we love loving us some “bad boys”. She was what it means to be a perfectly imperfect Black Woman. She excelled beautifully. She messed up epically. You know, like humans do. And I am grateful to have experienced her excellent humanity.

Thank you our dear and loving Fairy Godmother for giving us Black love, Black joy, Black music, Black artistry. Thank you for showing us Black excellence and Black humanity are one and the same.

Walks off in Fantasia.

In true #SupportBlackLife fashion, if you need a Black-owned Boutique for them aforementioned shades or whatever, holla back.

Dora the Goddess is a life experience, my damn thoughts and opinions writer/storyteller for Black With No Chaser. Goddess is a 2012 graduate of THEE Jackson State University and career youth and family advocate. She is a lover of God(dess), Black life, Black words/thought, Black love and food, in no particular order, but food is bomb af. Follow along. The Black Way.

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