September 30, 2023

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Well… I just saw this article 1 day ago. I was going to write something… but then I was like I’m scared and didn’t want to come up missing for my thoughts.

Ju (must be from Jackson, MS to understand)… writing this part feels like calling Candy Man in the mirror. And I haven’t even said anything. So all I’m going to do is give y’all the side eye where you don’t verbally say anything, because the side eye says it all.

I also read an article about how the US has been shopping key medical supplies from US manufacturers to foreign buyers. Meanwhile American hospitals around the country are now running low on all forms of personal protective gear.

I ain’t the one to gossip so yeen’ heard this from me.

Stay woke they said… I’m sleep though. Goodnight.

1 thought on “A Russian plane heads to the US with supplies for coronavirus fight…

  1. Ain’t no way I’d take anything from Russia! I pretty sure that there’s a 99% chance that Putin rubbed his “Bolshevik” all over them Masks & PPE’s. Mess around & get da “Putin Cough” tryin not to get “Rona”!

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