December 4, 2023

This episode I start off discussing how flawed our justice system is and how the privileged get a leg up and an automatic benefit of the doubt while non privileged people of color do not. I illustrate this by detailing three cases and the stark differences between them and how those differences predetermined the outcomes. We do indeed live under two different justice systems. My second segment is politricks as usual where I once again talk about another gaffe made by our very underwhelming commander in chief Orange Blunder. I also talk about the mess that was the Democratic debates and my take on choosing the right candidate. Later in this episode I discuss the recent happenings in pop culture and entertainment. Lil Nas X came out last day of pride month and ALL THE RACISTS came out when Disney named a Black woman as Ariel the Little Mermaid. And finally I discuss free agency and my disappointment with my New York Knicks, as well as sending a huge shoutout to CoCo Gauff for her Wimbledon victories and to the US Women’s Soccer team for bringing home the World Cup….

#SheIsOurArielNow #blackwithnochaser #shadeandshittalking #NBA #WorldCup #CoCoGauff 

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