December 9, 2023

Today in Georgia Federal court, one of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, Travis McMichael received a sentence of Life plus 10 years. Recently, Travis and Greg McMichael, the father and son who chased, trapped, and subsequently murdered Arbery by shooting him with a shotgun attempted to circumvent life sentences in Georgia’s state penitentiary by seeking the opportunity to alternatively serve their sentences in federal prisons, stating they felt “unsafe” in state custody. This tactic was met with major pushback from the victim’s family and today Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery, who has described what happened to his son as a lynching, did not hold back in the court room.

Upon hearing of the McMichaels’ fears of retaliation for their hate crime killing of his son, Marcus Arbery stated, ” We don’t want no mercy.” “They didn’t even give him (Ahmaud) a chance to finish his run… and you’re asking for the court to send you somewhere you can be laid back? These three Devils have broken my heart into pieces that cannot be found or repaired.”

Arbery Family Attorney Lee Merritt speaks on judges’ decision.

The McMichaels are already serving life sentences on the state murder charges after having been convicted at trial and since the judge has denied his request to be moved he will be serving the double life sentences in Georgia’s state prisons.

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