December 9, 2023

Donald Trump is a f*cking idiot.

That’s really all I got, but for sake of being petty, I’ll march onward. He’s a f*cking idiot. And when I say a f*cking idiot, I mean a f*cking idiot. There is a difference between being an idiot and being a f*cking idiot. Being an idiot entails that when someone asks you what’s 2 + 2, you say 5. Being a f*cking idiot is you being asked what’s 2 + 2 and you say jello.

Jello. Like, who in the hell thinks that a math equation equals jello? A f*cking idiot, that’s who. And that’s what Trump is, a U.S. President who thinks 2 + 2 equals a sugary, watery blob that is fairly entertaining while consuming it, but is very forgettable once you are done eating.

Last night, after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, (their) President, Donald J (J is for Just STFU) Trump sent a congratulatory tweet into the Twittersphere. In the tweet, he crowned the Chiefs a team from the state of Kansas, when in fact, they are based in Kansas City, Missouri. Now, to Trump’s credit, there are two Kansas City’s. However, and not to Trump’s credit, he should know good and gawd damn well the Chiefs are based in Missouri, NOT in Kansas.

And EVEN if he wasn’t sure about which Kansas to use, a quick Wikipedia check would’ve solved that problem. Literally, all he had to do was google Kansas City Chiefs, click on their Wikipedia page and BOOM, the first line reads, “The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri, and current Super Bowl champions.” But no, this “high” level of thinking and fact checking is apparently way too advance for this f*cking idiot.

Also, just for fun, let’s really break down this tweet:

‪1.) It’s Missouri. It’s not Kansas; it’s not Mars; it’s not f*cking Trump Tower. It’s Missouri.

‪2.) WTF does he mean by “our country is proud?” Proud of what? Proud of who? Didn’t the Kansas City Chiefs, who are of this country, play the San Francisco 49ers, who are also of this country? Who did the Chiefs play? The San Francisco Fascists?

‪3.) A country being proud of a team (The Chiefs) named after a group of people this country murdered is, just..well, that’s actually pretty American of Trump. This is standard, boilerplate American logic. So, nothing to really see, here.

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