December 9, 2023

In a shocking development, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuomo, who was said to be flabbergasted by the accusations, feels like there is a conspiracy to get rid of him and his political power, which was trending upward over his handling of the COVID 19 pandemic. Rumors have been circulating for sometime that Cuomo was on the verge of purchasing Disney+. That’s right, Cuomo was going to purchase Iron Man, Thanos, Mickey, Minnie and Luke Skywalker from “the man.”

The details of Cuomo’s allegations are eerily similar to every allegation of sexual misconduct against a person in the public eye who are in positions of power, all of whom, interestingly enough, were on the verge of purchasing major networks/entities such as NBC, OWN, Tyler Perry’s shows and wigs and ESPN Ocho. And like these other powerful celebrities/public figures, Cuomo’s Disney + acquisition was in his Amazon shopping cart, ready for purchase. Since Cuomo announced his resignation, we at Black With No Chaser have repeatedly reached out to several National Hotep Association of Shea Butter Chapters for a statement on the death of their “What About White Men” excuse when they are defending black celebrities who are charged with sexual misconduct.

We have received no word back, thus far.

However, we did manage to contact a Caucasian-tep from one of the off brand chapters, who goes by the name Kristy Bob Nasheed, and she was quite adamant on the theory of Governor Cuomo’s potential purchase of Disney+. “Governor Cuomo is a great man. Of course he didn’t harass those women. Think about it. Someone with all that money and power. You got to be kidding me. And you know he was about to buy that Disney + thing, right? Yep, sure was. He was gonna fast track Season 3 of the Mandalorian,” contended Kristy Bob Nasheed.

More on this story, as it develops.

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