Antwon Rose’s Killer – Former Officer Michael Rosfeld – Found Not Guilty Tonight

Michael Rosfeld shot Antwon Rose in the back and killed him. Antwon Rose was not a threat. Antwon Rose was running away because he was a scared teenager. He was scared because he has seen what happens to Black Boys & Girls when stopped by police. Antwon Rose Liked Skateboarding. Antwon Rose wrote poems. “I AM NOT WHAT YOU THINK! I am confused and afraid. I wonder what path I will take.” Antwon Rose was an Advanced Placement Student in High school. I should not have to try to show you how good of a person Antwon Rose was – For Antwon Rose to not be seen as a threat and for Him to have deserved to live. Antwon Rose was not killed justifiably. He was murdered. Shot in his back… and left to bleed… Today a jury was convinced that The “Fears” of a man with a gun… were more imperative to the outcome of a situation than the teenage boy without one. This is America. Michael Rosfeld’s Attorney called Antwon Rose a “fleeing Felon” to the jury. He referred to the young man who was not there to speak for himself as an actual criminal. One who was in fact GUILTY. A Felon. Antwon rose had committed no crime. Antwon Rose has never been a criminal. Just like Trayvon Martin was not a criminal. The defense focused on Michael Rosfeld’s tears after he had fired into the body of the young boy. “Why did I shoot? Why Did I fire?” is what one witness testified Rosfeld said. Not focusing on the fact that the teenage boy who no longer was there to speak for himself because his life had been cut down within 3 shots was probably asking the same thing as he gasped his last breaths. It is damning that America can find itself compelled by the tears of the shooter… often neglecting the cries of the one that was gunned down by his hands. As Rosfeld himself while on the stand… Rose Was “Moaning, Trying to Breathe.” In America, it seems, we are forever simply trying to breathe freely… and America often gives us reason to believe that this hope is as distant as the chasm between justice and the state sanctioned taking of black lives.

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