June 5, 2023

Sinclare (AKA SIN$EI) is an independent hip-hop artist who writes, produces and engineers his own music.

His chill demeanor reminds you of a west coast rapper but he’s a southerner through and through. Hailing from Little Rock, AR by way of Baton Rouge, LA, Sinclare is destined for greatness.

His curiosity in music started at an early age. He recalls performing in several talent shows in elementary school. He began writing and performing his own raps as a middle schooler. In high school, although he was a member of a rap group for awhile, he focused mostly on playing sports and his academics.

He ultimately received a scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), where he played football. As an English major, he honed his use of words, a skill which helps greatly in the rap game. He admits that he didn’t seriously pursue his interest in music until shortly prior to graduating from college, “I was at a crossroad of options. I could teach or follow some normal career path or I could tell stories through my music. I chose the music.”

In 2013, during his last semester at UAPB he released his first mixtape, Stone Liberace. “At the time, I was trying to graduate, playing football, working a job and put out this mixtape, all in one semester. So I was working extra hard.”

Since then, he hasn’t stopped grinding, releasing 8 projects (EPs included). In 2018, he released his first full-length studio album, “New T.R.A.P. City”, an incredibly well produced album. “Money Route”, a single featuring Detroit rapper, Babyface Ray gained quite a bit of attention in underground hip-hop circles.

His latest project, “No Days Off”, was released in May of this year and it has a unique trap summer vibe, with most tracks having themes of loyalty, self improvement, relationships and financial security.

“No Days Off” opens with “Klout”, a song featuring Rixh Rose. Sinclare and Rixh Rose glide effortlessly over a wavy beat with two rules, “1: Keep them fuck boys from ’round you and 2: Keep them fuck boys from ’round you.”

The album includes several other memorable tracks, “Green Tea”, “90 Day Run”, “All-Star Team (featuring Og Ira J and Jae Tizzle), “List of Demands” and “Thinking Out Loud”.

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Just like the title of his latest project, Sinclare takes no days off and has no intentions of slowing down with his music. This fall, he plans to release his next mixtape, “Caviar Clare”. He describes the sound as “something wavy for the ladies.” Be on the look!

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Mel Clayton is a native of Pine Bluff, AR and an alumnus of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and the University of Arkansas-Clinton School of Public Service. He went to law school for a semester and a half at the University of Arkansas but he hated that shit.

Mel is an avid lover of music and has dedicated his life to sharing authentic Black stories and experiences through his research and writing. He hopes that everyone who reads his publications will be impacted on a spiritual level. 

He lives his life according to the mantra, “Trust yourself and follow the energy.” 

Instagram: @melclayton_92 | Twitter: @melvindc1

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