December 9, 2023

On January 6, 2020, the Black News Channel is set to launch with a broad distribution market across the US. According to their website, “Black News Channel is an independent network that is minority-owned and operated, and it will be the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities.” However, at first glimpse of their marketing materials, we can see who’s really behind the supposedly first-ever black news operation. Why is this an issue? I’ll tell you why; Black doesn’t need a Chaser. How can we trust that the Black news presented to us hasn’t been washed by the hands of their CEO Co/Owner Managing Partner, Bob Brilliante, who is a very white man? He’s partnered with former Oklahoma US Representative, JC Watts, who is a proud Black Republican. Reportedly they have hired Black anchors and reporters, but leadership is everything, and we see who’s leading. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve probably read enough to know you won’t be tuning into BNC.

Black News Channel co-founder and CEO, Bob Brilliante.

While you’re here, however, let me tell you about Black With No Chaser, founded by Black people, managed by Black people, and operated by Black people for Black people. We are committed to Thinking Black and Living Black, as we document the Black experience, all-encompassing. Why does this matter? Because we have yet to have a space that’s uncompromising and authentic to our collective voices and experiences. In America, they make it apparent that to succeed, you need to have white validation, well over here at BWNC (please say the W) – we say fuck that shit.

BWNC was founded for Black people by Black people, to speak for, with, and to Black People.

Keep rocking with us; we promise never to compromise. We understand the importance of maintaining and protecting Black spaces by any means necessary. If that means it takes a little longer for us to get there because we refuse financial backing from wealthy white benefactors, who wish to co-opt our message, then so be it. We believe we can be more successful, and we believe in the power of Black people to make that happen, because we believe in ourselves, and we believe in our people.

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