December 4, 2023


Biden Leads in Iowa . . . HBCU Starts Loan Forgiveness Program . . . Black Student-Athlete Fraudulent Charges Dropped are all in #YourDailyShot

1. Biden leads in Iowa


Despite the perplexing and controversial statements by senator and presidential candidate Joe Biden, he is still leading in Iowa polls according to this new Monmouth University poll. Biden is currently sitting at 28% while other candidate trail behind. To see the full breakdown and analysis of this poll, check out this article

2. Black student-athlete cocaine charges dropped

College Student And Quarterback Shai Werts was wrongfully charged with possession of cocaine charges after being stopped in South Carolina. The officers found a “white substance” on the hood of his car – They used a “field kit” to test the substance and they reported that it tested twice for cocaine. Werts denied the truth of this and told them the white substance was . . . To find out the results in which the field kit came back with, go here

3. Black Mississippians response to ICE

A coalition of organizations representing Black people in the state of Mississippi respond to the ICE Raids conducted on August 7, 2019. Accompanying that response was a petition to end those raids and raids like across this country. For more on this story, go to this article for more information. 

4. FREE textbooks for 1000 HBCU students

College tuition is expensive enough let along have to worry about footing the bill for textbooks. The United Negro College Fund and Cengage are doing something about it. This partnership will help 1000 HBCU students receive aid in the form of free textbooks. For more on this and how to receive FREE textbooks, go here

5. Morehouse creates loan forgiveness program


With the rising costs of college and student loan debt, there is one college responding to this issue. Morehouse College has started a loan forgiveness program that will begin to chip away at the abhorrent student debt total. For more on this incredible program, check it all out here

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