September 24, 2023
The power of Black solidarity shined brightly on the CBS reality series Big Brother Season 23.

Whose House? Big Brotha’s House!

Let me explain how a six-person alliance known as “The Cookout” transformed the Big Brother House into the Big Brotha House. 

People of Color Make History on CBS

Black American heritage has demonstrated how we can access unlimited potential when we are selfless and focused on a great cause. 

In other words, we are unstoppable when we set aside our differences and work towards a common goal. 

The power of Black solidarity shined brightly on the CBS reality series Big Brother Season 23. 

Personally, I was rooting for “Tippy Toes” Tiffany, but it was only right that a tall black bald brotha slam dunked the win of Big Brother’s  “Jordan” season.

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Since week one, the six-person all-Black alliance gave “Looking Out for the Cookout” to a whole new meaning. 

All summer they stuck together despite their differences and put their personal game aside for a greater cause.

You know this made most Americans upset. (You know which ones…) They claimed the alliance demonstrated reverse racism. 

Yet, in the past when white alliances voted off Black players…

I won’t go there…

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Thinking of a Master Plan:

The Master of the Master Plan, Tiffany Mitchell, thought of a way to keep their secret alliance intact all the way to the Final Six.

Tiffany’s plan: Each Cookout member chose a house member outside of the alliance as a pawn to pair up with. At times it was hard to tell if they wanted to give up their pawn because they formed genuine bonds with the other house guests. 

However, they acknowledged that the only way to ensure a person of color won was to stick together.

This strategy guaranteed that all six members of The Cookout made it to the Final 6 together. They always looked out for ‘The Cookout’.

On Day 65 after voting out the last non-Cookout member in the house, Big Brother was guaranteed to crown its first African American winner.

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Battle of the Sexes

From then it became an age-old battle between three men and three women of The Cookout.

The Cookout Alliance Members:

  1. Xavier Prather – Season 23 Winner
  2. Derek Frazier – Season 23 Runner Up
  3. Azah Awasum
  4. Kyland Young
  5. Hannah Chaddha
  6. Tiffany Mitchell – America’s Favorite Player

After it was all said and done, Xavier Prather took home the crown and earned the title of Big Brother’s first African American winner. 

Although she was the first Cookout member to be voted off, Tiffany Mitchell was voted America’s Favorite Player securing the $50,000. Way to go, Tippy Toes! 

Moral of the Story:

Black People still have the power to rewrite our story in America. 

Let’s keep looking out for the Cookout! What will we accomplish next?

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