December 9, 2023

Jacob Rush is a Straight A student at Abeka Academy and he’s on track to graduate this year as a senior. As you can see in the above photo, Jacob has locks. His hair hasn’t been an issue for Jacob (at least outwardly) until now. Abeka Academy sent Jacob’s mother a letter stating that unless Jacob agreed to shorten/cut his hair he would be refused the opportunity to walk at graduation. The school seemed to eschew accountability by stating the requirement was that of the campus of Pensacola Christian College – where this is their dress standard, however, there is no less extreme recourse for Jacob and his family at this time than either cutting his locks or missing the opportunity to participate in the graduation that he has so clearly worked hard for. states around the country have Introduced The Crown Act to protect Black people from discriminatory practices against their natural hairstyles and make punishable offenses that would be clear violations of Black folks’ autonomy to wear their hair in ways they choose. Florida’s attempt to implement a CROWN act headed to the Florida legislature in February of this year and is sponsored by State Rep. Kemia Brown.

Jacob should be having the time of his life and not enduring a situation which forces him to take a stand for something that is ultimately going to last for 2 hours of his life. He should be allowed to wear his hair as he’s worn it up until this point as it has in no way been an issue nor should it ever be.

Although the email says “Does meet the requirement” what it meant to say was “DOES NOT” meet the requirement. This was substantiated in a subsequent email. (Yes Karen is really her name).

Jacob’s Mother, Ms. Latrenda Rush, is sounding the alarm to protect her son and has started a petition to seek support in pursuit of Jacob’s right to keep his hair & also graduate from his school with his peers without having to conform to conditions and standards set by people who clearly do not relate culturally.

Enclosed above are the communications between Ms. Rush and the school… while the Letter from Karen (we didn’t make that up) states that he DOES meet the requirement to graduate… it actually intend to state that he DOES NOT meet their requirement. This is reinforced in the subsequent letter from Faith Anderson which basically stated that he had no alternative.

Please Sign Ms. Latrenda Rush’s petition in support of Jacob here.

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