Black People Receive Record Number Of Black Lives Matter Emails From Jobs

Many thought it was a glitch..

But no, corporations far and wide, small and large, sent out countless Black Lives Matters emails. These emails, meticulously composed mostly by white people in upper management (with the assistance of a Black Life Matter or two), let black people within the corporation know they’re there for them.

They’re there to lend a hand..

an ear..

a (fake white?) tear.

It has been reported that many black people scoffed at the emails, perceiving them to be nothing more than popularity contest/publicity stunt/”Look! We’re not racist!” pleas. However, it remains to be seen as to whether these emails were disingenuous boilerplate rhetoric, OR genuine emails that will hopefully lead to real change within the corporation.

We interviewed one Black Life Matter who works for a major corporation that shall remain nameless and she stated, “Yeah, you would think they would give us some Black Life Matter PTO or something. I haven’t seen that email, yet.” Black Life Matter PTO does sound like a great idea. Anyway.

We also caught up with email expert, Dr. Eugene Richards, and he gave us his expert opinion on the matter. “Look, it’s wild. We haven’t seen this much email traffic about black people since, well, never. I could imagine if email were around in 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified, and the slaves were freed, that would’ve generated a lot of emails about black people. I tell you what, black people have been carefully dissecting these emails and will hold their white ran corporations accountable. They better come through to make the workplace feel more inclusive. I know that much. Oh and Ben and Jerry’s? Yea, they’re about that Black Lives Matter Life.”

Not to be outdone by emails, corporations also took to social media, participating in #BlackOutTuesday and carefully worded public relations statements, assuring their employees and the world that they are anti-racists. Like the emails, it remains to be seen if these statements are actually genuine stances against racism and for diversity.

More on this story, as it develops…

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