December 9, 2023

The Black Lunch Break (“TBLB”) launched March 2020 out of a need to remain engaged to our people during the pandemic. Show Co-Host, Cirilo Manego III, is the brainchild behind the name. Initially, the show was titled, “The Black Quarantine,” but the team quickly realized we won’t be quarantined forever so the name was reconsidered and turned into BlackWithNoChaser’s daytime talk show.

Season 1 aired Monday through Friday, specifically at lunch time on Facebook Live. The entire core team of Black With No Chaser were your first hosts. It’s important to know that we all needed some sort of therapy while being trapped in the house. We featured special guests from Black Culture, nationally, regionally and independently. In the first season, we managed to knock out over 50 episodes, all reserving their own flair, some a bit more rowdy than others..

Season 2 was special and brought on its own set of challenges. It was emblematic of the hard work we put in as a team. But likely even more important, it proved that we had the ability to capture an audience with our conversations. Conversations we would all be having on our front porch or at a kitchen table or in your favorite cousin’s crib (who’s probably your uncle or auntie) or wherever you would be breaking bread with your people. We even cut down the number of hosts from errryyyyyy damn body to myself, Cirilo (“Rilo”) and Miss Marianna Sousa. Miss Marianna brought that Los Angeles energy, flair and hot takes. For 20 episodes, we took it to another level. 

During which was arguably one of the most important presidential election cycles of our lifetimes, we got the nod to work with the Biden-Harris campaign as one of the hubs for ushering surrogates to our stage. With a show like TBLB we knew it was our duty to set the record straight on salient issues facing Black communities and this country’s desire to preserve whiteness and its benefits while addressing the question of “What will Biden do for Black communities?”. All in all, we asked the hard questions. Said what needed to be said. Ultimately, we did what we always do: Think Black and Live Black – Unapologetically. 

(To the last line: We gon’ do that anyway cause that’s just the way we are.)  

Both Season 1 and 2 are available for your viewing pleasures only on Facebook. Now in our third season, the growth has been undeniable, awarding and star-studded. , This season we have had guests such as:Cedric The Entertainer, Clifton Powell, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dwen Curry, Adam Faison, Gabrielle Byndloss, Matthew Head, Jock McKissic, Wallace Smith, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Karlie Redd, Tray Chaney, Christian Keyes and more. We connected heavily in the movie, series and music industries for this season. Ended up getting qualified and credentialed for covering this year’s Academy Awards.

Season 3 is hosted by Rilo and SIKA. The best part about Season 3 is hitting the 100 episode mark in a little of a year’s time. Our show is self-directed and self-produced. Without having the luxury of editors and producers taking the workload off our hands, we manage it all on our own. Episode 98 and 99 are our very first in-person interviews with music artist and composer EmmoLei Sankofa and Atlanta’s own Zucot Gallery. To top off the great vibes experienced, we settled on our 100th episode with Fredrika Newton, widow of the great Dr. Huey P. Newton of The Black Panther Party.

Having over 100,000 views combined with all of our seasons, we are prepared to take things up a notch for Season 4. There’s no turning back on our presentation, things will simply elevate from this point. Because of our knack for cooking up content for the people, we are able to feed the audience exactly what they desire. Thank you for tuning into The Black Lunch Break where we always want our guest to remember YOUR BLACKNESS IS SAFE HERE, where we Think Black, Live Black, Unapologetically. Season 3 is available on Facebook and YouTube at BlackWithNoChaser TV. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Come Break Bread With Your People

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