December 9, 2023

Get a Brazilian Wax they said… it won’t hurt they said…

So…I decided to see what the hype was about and went to a spa for a Brazilian wax. No one told me that you get waxed from the front door to the back door. I’m talking from the window to the wall! I knew my first experience would be my last. Waxing ain’t scripture! That sh@t is out of fellowship!

However, the back door I could tolerate. I said to myself if I decide to go back that I’ll probably go back for a partial.

Well…some time passed… and my ass went back to get my back door waxed. I’m saved now so to say booty hole may be inappropriate, but that’s neither here nor there.

Now they already have you in a vulnerable position.

Initially she dabbed the wax on me to make sure it wasn’t too hot before she begins snatching on you.

She she did not do this…

She starts right on up without the heat test.

Yes… it was hot AF!

I hollered… 🗣Hot Hot! (Maybe bc she was Asian. Idk)

I’m assuming she had to think quick on her toes…

and what did she do?

She fucking blew!

The way that boy blew in Ashley’s ear on Fresh Prince.

Bruh…she blew in my ass!

I wanted to pull up, but she looked like she could fight real good.

So there I was…ashy as hell in a wife beater and Nike socks trying to explain to someone who barely speaks English that you don’t just blow in people’s ass that you don’t know like that.😕

Like…deep down I feel like we go together. (Blinks slowly). Like I want to just pull up on her and burst into the waxing studio and lose my sh@t if she’s in there with another client.😩

~ meiTai

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