BREAKING: NASCAR Decides To Only Be Racist Instead Of Really Racist

In what is described as the most shocking decision since my momma didn’t yell at me when I forgot to close the screen door, NASCAR has banned all confederate flags at their events.

The news has sent SHOCK WAVES throughout the NASCAR community, many of whom are related. We managed to catch up with one fan, by the name of Billy Bob Jefferson-Davis and he had a rather interesting take on the matter. “We here in NASCAR country love our Confederacy just as much as we love our cars going around in circles 50 million times. And like the Confederacy, we have a winning culture here in NASCAR country!”

When I pressed Billy Bob Jefferson-Davis about the Confederacy being losers, he went on a bit of a tirade that we couldn’t fully comprehend because of the multiple missing teeth due to meth use. He became even more irate when I challenged him to go back to his country, only to remember that his country got beat the fuck down.

More on this story, as it develops..

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