Breaking: San Francisco to Pay man $13.1 Million After Determining Police Framed Man For Murder

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to approve a $13.1 million settlement for a man framed by police for murder. While nobody’s life and time can ever be given back completely this recovery is the type of recovery that should be demanded and awarded around the country in these instances. Many times men and women who have been wrongfully convicted don’t even receive an apology from the states that wrongfully convicted them. That the police were actively complicit in Jamal Truelove’s case Likely made a substantial difference. Police arrested Trulove for the 2007 murder of his friend Seu Kuka, who was shot in a public housing project in San Francisco. Trulove was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. But a California appeals court overturned that conviction in 2014 and ordered a new trial. He was acquitted in a retrial in 2015. Trulove spent more than six years in prison for the 2007 murder before being acquitted in the 2015 retrial. “And trust me I’m not done with them by a long shot!!” a profile appearing to be Trulove wrote on Twitter. “After what these cowards of the law did to me, I will lit my freedom ring through every platform I get to show what injustice really looks like. Me!” Alex Reisman, one of the lawyers for Trulove, told the Associated Press that Trulove “endured a lot,” spending years in maximum security prisons in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from his family. Truelove sued SFPD in January 2016. In April of last year, an Oakland jury determined that police officers, Maureen D’Amico and Michael Johnson, deliberately fabricated evidence and failed to disclose exculpatory material. Trulove’s attorneys said police manipulated a witness into misidentifying Trulove as the shooter. The police officers named in the lawsuit have retired, and none were disciplined for their actions in the case, Reisman told the AP. Trulove was pursuing a career in acting and hip-hop at the time of his arrest. He appeared in the reality TV show I Love New York 2. This year he appears in the movie The Last Black Man in San Francisco, which is scheduled for release in June. Trulove wrote on Instagram in March that he has been dealing with PTSD from the experience. “Theres nothing I could do to make up for that time I missed,” he wrote. “No amount of money could ever reverse the time I missed with my kids and the affect that it’s had on there up bringing and our relationship.”

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