LeBron is the New Face of Hummer

For those of you who have followed LeBron since he burst on the scene as a highschool basketball phenom, you are fully aware of the relationship that LeBron and his mother has with the brand. Back in 2002, Gloria James gave her son a $50,000 pewter-colored Hummer H2 with multiple televisions…..

The Audacity of Whiteness


I’ll get right to the point. I’m sick of White folks performing. Sick of it.  Here’s what happened. I work at a majority White institution and interact with White folks of all ages. A White female coworker approached me. We made our usual small talk. I was sure the conversation was ending. Then, she announced: “What is going on with people these days? When did people become so hateful? Can you believe the stuff going on nowadays with all this rioting? Why can’t people just be kind? We are all…