September 24, 2023

I just finished reading about this and apparently there’s new research available talking bout’ how several new forms of a chlamydia-related species have been discovered “deep below the Arctic Ocean.”

I know I know…. we all are like how in THEE F WORD right?

Given its aptness for causing sexually transmitted infections in humans, animals and amoeba (Google amoeba. I could tell you what it is but ya ass is quarantined so you have time to look it up.) … so to find chlamydia and related bacteria in the region was totally unexpected.

Now the specific bacterium that triggers the actual disease in humans is called Chlamydia trachomatis, and it belongs to a large group of related microbes collectively known as Chlamydiae. Many of these microbes depend on a host organisms to survive.

These chlamydia relatives in the Arctic Ocean were found about 2 miles under the seafloor and with no apparent host organism. It seems the microbes are anaerobic (without oxygen) and growing in abundance dominating areas of the sea floor.

Even the Arctic Ocean is ghetto AF bruh…

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