December 9, 2023

Colin Kaepernick released a woke, black ass shoe, yesterday.

However, you would be forgiven if you didn’t know it was released yesterday because it sold out online just as quick as it was released. The dope black ass woke shoe aka Air Force 1 x Colin Kaepernick is made primarily of luxe black leather with the brand’s reflective swoosh logo leading to a silhouette of Kaepernick’s head on the heel tab. Kaepernick’s logo is featured on the tongue. However, my favorite part of the shoe is the bold and not-so-subtle message, which features a date.

But not just any date.

The date, “08 14 16,” which is located on the sole of the right shoe marks the first time Kaepernick didn’t stand during the playing of the national anthem, during a preseason game between the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. He sat on the bench during the performance before that game, and first knelt during the national anthem on September 1, 2016. Essentially, the date marked on the shoe represents the first time Kaepernick was willing to sacrifice his career (which ultimately happened) to protest racial injustice and police brutality in this country.

And now that this shoe has been released, I got some ideas to send over to Nike.

In order to continue the message of how racial injustice and police brutality negatively impacts African Americans in this country, here is a short list of potential shoe lines Nike and Kaepernick should release to get other not-so-subtle messages to their consumer base:

  • Take a Knee 2’s
  • I’m Gonna Keep Kneeling if You Hire Me 3’s
  • That Workout Was Bullshit 4’s
  • Knuck if You Buck is a Better Anthem 5’s
  • Fuck Trump 6’s
  • Trump Deez Nutz 2020 7’s
  • Fuck Yo Ugly Ass New Balance’s 8’s
  • Know Your Rights 9’s
  • Stop Over Policing Us 10’s
  • White Folks BIG Mad 11’s
  • Fuck Godell 12’s
  • I’m Not Cutting This Black Ass Afro 13’s
  • Black Lives Matter 14’s

I think shoe lines like these themes/art on the shoe, symbolizing each shoe line will do wonders for Nike and Kaepernick’s profit margins.

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