December 9, 2023

She’s shorter than I remember, strolling in right on time for our interview. We pass pleasantries reflecting on the last time we saw each other.

“It was outside the governors mansion right?”

“Right”, she said. “It was at the Families Belong Together Rally.”

After the scandal of the Trumps family separation policy became public, a group of outraged Mississippians gathered together to protest outside of the governors mansion.

Jennifer Riley Collins, then Executive Director of the Mississippi ACLU, was on hand to make sure all rights were protected as Mississippians gathered to exercise the first amendment rights in protest.

Protecting Mississippians has been part of her role in service for over the last 30 years.

“I served as an intelligence officer in the Army National Guard for the past 32 years, working my way from Private to Full Bird Colonel.”

The native Meridian, one of seven kids reflects on her path and credits her parents for instilling the importance of service.

“My mom was a maid and my daddy a milk man, they instilled hard work and the importance of community from day one.” -she said.

The divorced mother of 3 boys plans to take her experience to the top legal job in the state of Mississippi.

“I’ve been at every level, from a single mom waiting in a WIC line to an attorney. I have a nice home now, but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve lived in homes afraid the rats would bite my children.” I will fight for all Mississippians.

Let’s hope Mississippians give her that chance. This Tuesday November 5.

For more information about Jennifer Riley Collins visit:

Talamieka Brice is an award-winning artist, photographer and visual storyteller, Drawing inspiration from Maya Angelou and her hometown of Kilmichael, Miss., Brice is a force to be reckoned with, combining her point of view and her wicked design skills. Brice is the wife of a veteran, the mother to Honor and Love. She also completed the Barack Obama mural on the newly minted namesake elementary formerly known as Jefferson Davis Elementary School.

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