June 5, 2023

December’s Mid-Month astrological and intuitive check in.

Hello my beautiful BWNC Family. How have these last couple of days been treating you? You good? You sure you good? Are you checking in with yourself? When’s the last time you checked in with yourself? If not I’m going to need you to do a quick check in with yourself before you proceed.

Reason being, I am big on “awareness of self” and being aware of how our emotions are presenting themselves. Depression and anxiety are at an all time high amongst our community, especially during this time of year. Many of us may be experiencing sadness or these low points but often times we are too busy to acknowledge it. Half the time we do not even know— cause our day to day lives have a way of pushing those feelings below the surface. Then sometimes we will consciously avoid them. We may even give them a second but more than likely we are having an inner battle of struggling to keep the tears from flowing. Then there’s the sudden black people urge to say “we really don’t have time to be sad.” This is our excuse for suppressing our need to grieve, feel and be vulnerable. This does nothing good for our mental, our physical or our spiritual growth both as an individual and for the people around us.

I get it though, it’s tough. The shit hurts. Many of us can’t relate to being that open with how we are actually feeling or dealing with it is not something that we grew up doing or werecheered on for. So as an adult we’ve learned to handle life’s stressors the best way we know how and often times its not an ideal response. So I’m encouraging you guys to do a weekly check in with yourself. If need be hit up a bestie to vent and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with going to a therapist! And with that being said I’m checking in on ya too?

Cues Erykah Badu “Sistas? How y’all feel? Brothers? You alright?” And if you’re good, lets shift our energy into checking the tea that the cosmos is brewing up for us.

Disclaimer: As always only take any messages that may resonate with you and leave what doesn’t. I’m channeling messages for anyone who will read this now or in the future. So all of the messages may be for you now or they may be for you at a later date. You could come across this blog months after its posted and the message may resonate for you, nothing is by coincidence.

Ok so let’s get into the nitty gritty for the rest of this month. So today is 12/12/2021. Now if you’re into numerology, like I am you’re already hip to the frequency that today will bring about. I like to refer to these dates with a repeating number sequence as Synchronistic Portals. So today, 12/12, carries a high vibrational energetic signature. You will feel a definite shift in your world.

Since the solar eclipse that occurred earlier this month on 12/04/21, we have been dealing with the last remnants of “leaving behind what no longer serves us.” That could look like finally ending a relationship with a someone you’ve been on the hamster wheel with because you’re finally seeing that you aren’t going anywhere. It could be in the form of you leaving a toxic work situation that was downplaying your abilities. Some of you may even have made drastic changes in your diet by either increasing better foods or eliminating certain things. All in all there has been some major reforming going on within the last week and a half. Then lets couple it with moments of enlightened thought, epiphanies and visions. Throw in a deeper sense of understanding life’s cycles, healing some past trauma wounds, forgiving yourself and you have a recipe for entering this next phase of your journey, which brings us to today.

Now lets take all of that and jump right down this next rabbit hole into todays 12:12 portal. From today until the Winter Solstice on 12/21/21, which is another one of those Synchronistic portals slash gateways, we will experience even deeper levels of understanding ourselves and what the journey ahead of us will intel. We will have a new sense of self and our abilities. Our boundaries will become more intact and impenetrable. And we are being more unapologetic about who we are. We’ve realized that we had relinquished our power to the nothingness of this world. When we could have been owning it and allowing it to lead us. Its ok though. We know better now. So with that we will proudly course correct ourselves, fix our posture and keep moving forward on this journey.

We are still in Sag season’s energy. This is the energy that is slapping our asses into being more direct in our approach to life. It is also to blame for the massive awakening that’s occurring on a global scale. Its becoming a real “take the red pill or take the blue pill” kinda situation out here. Choose wisely cause some are placebos, if you catch my drift. Stay vigilant out here in these streets, its a real spiritual warfare going on and you don’t want to get caught slipping. Stay prayed up and follow your better judgment when it comes to the choices you make for your life. We are in a space that is going to set the tone for 2022, either for better or for greatness. I will reframe from bringing the opposite of better into the mix. Words are very powerful. I know the power of speaking things into existence and I urge all of you to speak highly over your lives. You’re ability to manifest without much effort is great. You may find yourself thinking about something and it will literally instantaneously happen.

And before I go just remember that this portal will look different for everyone and how life decides to throw it at you will feel different. Try not to get distracted by the front that the world is showing you and allow Spirit to guide you. There’s so much in store for you for 2022, you just have to prepare for it. On that note, I’m out and as always, I love you and I’ll talk to you later.

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