September 24, 2023

Disclaimer: At Black With No Chaser, we believe in providing a platform for all voices. This series is brought to us by our incarcerated brother Nasir Salaam. We hope you enjoy and encourage his willingness to share his mind with us. Nasir can be found on Instagram @freenazz

What makes us doubt our abilities towards achieving success? Why do we second guess what we’ve been striving for our whole life? How does self loathing increase our odds of what we define as true happiness? Questions we find ourselves asking over and over with no definitive answer in sight. The questions you should be asking yourself is, what makes me doubt myself? Where does it stem from? Uncovering an answer for a question like that can unlock your root problem from when that first seed of doubt was planted. It can take you all the way back to your childhood starting with your first loves which were your parents or whoever raised you. On the flip side, it can also be from your first disdain of your parents or guardians because of their lack of parental guidance and nurturing nature.

This rabbit hole can go as deep as the mysterious ocean, I’m just giving you one of many solutions to discover where your lack of faith and confidence in yourself was first implanted into your subconscious. Figuring that part out will allow you to tap into the potential you always had, but was blocked by an enemy unto self; YOU! Facing your one true opponent which is you, is very traumatic so I must warn you of the side effects and ramifications. Our memories and thoughts get the best of us often times especially when the pain of such trauma is still so fresh and vivid as if you can still feel it crawling on your skin. But if you ask me is it worth it? I’ll respond with an emphatic YES! You’re probably thinking why would I want to revisit something that causes me mental and emotional harm and bothers my spirit? Simply because you’ll be living with it for the rest of your life unfortunately. The fortunate part is you’ll know how to combat it whenever it may arise within your psyche. We’ll live with pain and trauma for the rest of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb or be victims to it. That doesn’t mean we have to give it power and strip away ours which are key components in our survival. Such as our confidence, such as our faith and belief in ourselves. The main key that grants us entrance into what’s possible, is discovering our ability to overachieve our inabilities by simply having the courage within our conviction by going for what we’ve been striving our whole life for. Vibe With Me…

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