September 30, 2023
Cyntoia Brown is Free . . . Titans Linebackers Starts $200 Million Opportunity Zone Fund . . . Atlanta is Back for Season 4 . . . #YourDailyShot

1. Cyntoia Brown is a free woman TODAY

#FreeCyntoiaBrown worked! She is a free woman today. After spending over a decade behind bars for defending herself against a person holding her against her will. Finally she’ll be able to return home to her family where she belongs. For the entire story and details of her release, read more here

2. Titans linebacker retires to start $200 million opportunity zone fund


Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan is announced his retirement last month after nine years in the NFL. Derrick, upon retiring, also unveiled to the public that he is launching a $200 million opportunity zone fund that will invest in marginalized communities. Where? Check out this Forbes article for more information. 

3. 'Atlanta' season 4 will return to FX


Good news! Atlanta is back and likely Blacker than ever. We can’t wait until this drops. Be on the lookout for more from BWNC on season 4. Until now, read this article to find out more about the deal. 

4. 12 Toni Morrison read you have got to try

We got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, . . . 12 Toni Morrison’s books you must read. Check out the entire list here

5. White America's biggest fear

[Excerpt] “This country is built on White America’s false narrative that their victories are permanent, and their sins are temporary and benign, even if the very foundation of this capitalistic country is made up of the blood of captured Africans who were bought and sold for the purpose of maximizing profit. Even racist, slaving owning men, who are dubbed the Founding Fathers in every American history/propaganda book, are shaped and molded into nationalistic deities whose evils are overlooked for the sake of their accomplishments.” Read the entire article here

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