December 9, 2023

Where do I begin because this probably will never end?

Covid came in like a tsunami only thing no one saw it coming. The constant worries, did my children wash their hands fully, have they hugged someone because they love to try and make someone’s day. To sit down and break down what is going on in the world and dissect everything so that your children can understand is a little more nerve wrecking than one could imagine. After all I am not trying to scare them I just want them to understand what the severity of the situation is. What do you do when you have to work, you have no other choice but to send your child into a place where you trust their system of cleansing is a thorough as they said?

This was just the beginning, this virus was new and everything was getting shut down. A mask became the new accessory to an outfit, Lysol became the new fragrance of the room and hand sanitizer became the new lotion. The normal cough and sneeze of those with allergies became a repulsive thing. How could this be, when just a few months ago none of this was even a concern? Yet, those few months did have an odd high wave of pneumonia.

Hands on learning, is now at a far. Technology challenges of many households, some just don’t have it and others never knew how to work it. Talk about added on stress to the Teachers, students and parents/guardians. Head of households feeling compelled because they only have two options: either lose your job or send your child/ children to school. Most quit and then are called lazy and not wanting to work. Others are upset this schools are closing not knowing how serious this virus is, all because the one on one work with children becomes frustrating when it is so much to do. Challenges back to back, the continuous questioning, are you doing the right thing?

Imagine having to send your child/children to school, you have reviewed every guideline, practiced distancing and put more emphasis on your already implemented rule of keeping your hands clean. To your knowledge you have followed all sanitizing instructions, you remain six feet apart; you limit visitors. You do everything you can then boom COVID hits your home. It was September 2020, for me. My daughter, was so scared asking what would happen to her now that she is sick with what you have explained to her is a dangerous virus that is going on in the world. On the other hand you are frightened yourself because this virus has taken a few family members from you all just recently. Stay calm, poker face even if inside you have fallen to pieces a few times. You have to separate siblings who are inseparable, you have to quarantine but super cautious because you not trying to get your other child or yourself sick. What do you do? It’s game time, you have 2 ½ weeks in the house with two anxious children. A week of no sleep because coughing is in place of closed eye lids, trying to find a solution to comfort your child so she can rest. A week of she will be ok I’m sure of it, to a concerned 4 year old brother. I would not wish this overwhelming feeling on anyone.

Here we are almost a year later and we are in the big leads. Kindergarten you say, oh no I’m not worried. Sike, I am in consistent revisit of old thoughts there is more exposure, more kids this is not pre-K. But, I cannot show them that. It is constant positive vibes in their heads every morning, jamming to our song “stand by me”, and reiterating rules to them about keeping germs off. Deep down I am anxious every time I see a call from their school. This wave of Covid is attaching itself to more and more children and the numbers are growing rapidly by the hour. You are terrified that the schools are going to shut down again, but also terrified in sending the children to the germ factory. Yeah I know you probably looked at that last part like why would you say that. Think about it, you know how you and your household operate; but you cannot control the others. There are people who are reckless and people who are extremely careful. The kicker part of it all Covid does not care. Even if there is a solution to the madness, we will never be the same. This is the new norm, but how can one get used to it when everyday it is a new wave of opinions and Covid strands.

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