December 9, 2023

We don’t need Platitudes as it relates to the eradication of state sanctioned violence against Black people and the subsequent justification thereafter- We need policies. If you are a company that today has become vocal about black lives mattering-let it be reflected, not in your words, but in your work. Let us see it not via all staff emails but through your willingness to become vocal on the tough issues.

Photo Credit: Shaughn Cooper – Washington DC Black Lives Matter Rally

Take a firm stance on Black lives mattering when it comes to mass incarceration. Take a stance to Black lives mattering in health care when Black women are speaking to you about what is ailing them in your hospitals. Take a stance on Black lives mattering in ensuring that we have access to adequate healthcare.

Take a stance on Black lives mattering as it relates to ensuring that Black women and men are paid like their white co-workers. Take a stance on Black lives mattering when they call out microaggressions in the work place.

As an Ally Company, Black lives mattering is not about how loud you can be when the world is on fire – it’s about where you stand when the smoke clears. Can You Fund Campaigns. Will you reject policy that kills, disenfranchises, or works to our detriment?

Let the words you speak in Congress, the dollars you utilize for lobbying, the candidates you put dollars behind represent what you said in that email you wrote last week. We don’t need you to take knees to show us you’re with us. We need you to take stands. You ready for that?

CJ Lawrence is the CEO of Black With No Chaser and he is also Ray Charles to the Bullshit.

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