Dear Future Black Presidential Candidates..

Dear Future Black Presidential Candidates,

Your blackness will have to shine like a diamond chain in an early 2000’s Cash Money video.

Your blackness will have to be authentic and organic. Your blackness cannot be a steroid induced two-piece from Church’s. Your blackness must not be something you can turn on when you visit the local fried chicken joint or the Soul Train Awards, then turn off when you visit farmers in Iowa. When you visit those white folk farmers in Iowa, you need to remind them that you are black, and call up the one black farmer in the crowd to come up on stage and dap you up.

And if you can’t find any black farmers in Iowa, hire one.   

Your blackness must be in every policy agenda you campaign on. Whether the issue is about income inequality, gun reform, foreign policy, immigration reform, health care, LGBTQ equal rights, women’s rights, or student loans, you need to vigorously highlight the intersection of our blackness with these issues. When formulating policy solutions to combat the ills and harms of this country, you need to—with great intellectual rigor—contemplate how these potential policy solutions impact the black community.

Your campaign must be centered around racial equity, not just equality.

Your history of pro-blackness cannot be questioned. It must be stamped and certified. Your precedent on how you helped black people will be just as important as how you propose to help black people if you were to be elected into office. Speaking of being elected, one of your election promises must be to insert unapologetically black cabinet officials within government agencies to help address black ills at the micro level. You must also promise to nominate AT LEAST one unapologetically black Supreme Court Justice and a cornucopia of black lower court judges who will be paramount in having the judicial branch, for once, working in our favor.

This open heads up is in no means expressing anti anybody else views, it is simply stating that the bar is fairly high on how unapologetic black candidates must be to receive universal black support. I don’t know if this bar is even fair, but you must be aware that it is the bar, whether you or I deem it fair or not. If I were you, Future Black Presidential Candidates, I would start to build my black resume up, NOW. I would not only visit the black churches and the black bingo nights; but visit the black schools; visit the black Black Lives Matter meetings; visit the black safe spaces, both online and in real life. Yes, the Black safe spaces, where being unapologetically black is appreciated and supported and not hindered nor forced to conform to whatever standard the societal majority deems fit. Black safe spaces will provide you a gateway into the different realities of black people, black people of every age, gender and sexual orientation.

To my Future Black Presidential Candidates, I wish you luck, and I will root for your success. But just know, these are the rules going forward, whether you agree with them, or not. Obama was our Jackie Robinson, and for that, I will forever be grateful. And now, we transition to Willie Mays.

Proceed, accordingly. Good luck, and Black Jesus speed.

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