December 4, 2023

New reports of the nearly month-long mayhem at Parchman State Penitentiary indicate another incarcerated person has died as a result of hanging. This latest death brings the total number of deaths at the prison to ten within less than a month. Details surrounding the latest death are still being updated at this time.

In response to the horrendous events over the last month and the long-standing inhumane conditions of some of Mississippi’s prisons, activists have been busy with campaigns to call out the state’s handling of the prisons and to demand change. Rallies and demonstrations, attended by activists in Mississippi, as well as, from all over the country, have been held so far at the Capitol State Building in Jackson, MS and in Sunflower County, MS where Parchman is located. A coalition of activists is scheduled to gather again in Jackson, MS, on Friday, January 24. Details of this event are still being finalized.

This is a developing story. Please continue to follow Black With No Chaser for updates and more details.

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