December 10, 2023

The information provided is transcribed verbatim from the official gofundme for Donté Perez Jones with minor edits for publication.

We are seeking the truth about the death of Donté Perez Jones. His life was cut short on 6-17-2022. This is the official page approved by his parents. The purpose of the gofundme is so that we can obtain a lawyer, an independent investigation, as well as an independent autopsy on the body. . Allegedly the body they found was Donte, we still have not confirmed or identified for ourselves that this is actually his body. His parents were denied their right to view and properly identify his body. It has been 48 hours and we are still denied access to view and identify his body.

As of 6/20/22 3:56 pm his mother has now identified his body and confirmed that it is her son Donte.

UPDATE: the Whitpain township coroner office did do a full autopsy, but they informed us that it would take several weeks before the findings come back . We are still going to do our own independent and complete autopsy.

Donte Perez Jones was an Army Veteran, father of 3 children , he was educated and attended Shippensburg University of Pa. He just finished CDL school and had a 6 figure job waiting for him once he passed his test. He had a bright future ahead of him, with plans and goals with his children , family and friends.

Donte was found dead in Wentz Run Park behind Whitpain Township police department. He was found, hanged, in the park around 7am approximately by a passerby and the police got the call around 7:40 am. We where told that it was automatically ruled a closed case and that he committed suicide.

Now here are the facts. Donte was last seen at his mother’s house around 11:40 pm the night before. He lived in Delaware county which is about an hour from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania where his body was found. Donte has no known ties to Blue Bell, PA. Donte’s mother was notified around 9:30 am by Sharon Hill Police. The police removed the body and opened the park for a planned event at 10am.Approximately two hours after finding the body.

There are over a 100 plus cameras located in that said park. There is a camera approximately 25 yards pointing in the same direction the body was found. The parents were not allowed to identify the body of Donte. The Whitpain Detectives told the family that the case was closed and ruled a Suicide. The coroners office said that they would not be doing an autopsy or toxicology report since it was ruled a suicide even after the mother requested one.

The detective in the same breath as telling the mother of Donte that he was dead also said that someone needs to come pick up his car, and keys from the park the same day. The police still have his cell phone. He was found without his wallet and is still missing.

The family went to the Whitpain police department Friday June 17 and they were told by the detectives that the case was closed. Saturday morning 6/18 after making calls to state representatives, government officials, NAACP reps, and others, The chief of police called the mother of Donte’ to apologize for the handling of the case and to let her know that they would be doing a full investigation and autopsy.

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