September 30, 2023
I listened to Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s sixth studio album, in its entirety on repeat.

I’m sure you may be wondering how the Champagne Papi ended up on Queer Entertainment…

Well, you’ll have to continue reading to find out. Let’s dive in!

I spent the last few days like most people.

I listened to Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s sixth studio album, in its entirety on repeat.

My initial reaction was, “Put it at the top, cuz it’s a bop!”.

This work of art was set to be released in January 2021 but was delayed while Drake was recovering from knee surgery.

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No problem Jimmy, most of us love delayed gratification.

In fact, someone should’ve mentioned that to Kanye West, I mean Ye.

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Anyway….My entire weekend was dedicated to choosing the Top Five’s Five.

What is that you might ask? The Top Five’s Five is my top five Drake bars from my top five songs on the album.

For my number 1, with no hesitation I’m giving it to ‘Fair Trade’ featuring Travis Scott. The Sicko Mode Duo does it again! I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear this played out on the radio. Although Travis Scott had some fire bars, it’s all about the Certified Lover Boy’s bars today.

  1. “…And the dirt they threw on my name turned to soil, and I grew up out it.”
  2. “…I’ve been losing friends and finding peace, but honestly that sounds like a fair trade to me.”
  3. “I don’t know what happened to them guys that said they would be. I said, “See you at the top”, and they misunderstood me.”
  4. “Don’t invite me over if you throw another pity party. Looking back, it’s hard to tell where I started.”
  5. “We don’t keep it on us anymore. It’s with security.”

For number 2, I am going with ‘Love All’ featuring Jay-Z. This would have been number one, but Jay-Z came through much harder than Drake. Drake really didn’t have any verses in this one, but the hook and bridge were enough.

  1. “Can’t burn a bridge just to light my way.”
  2. “A lot of falling out helped me build foundation.”
  3. “Grab the top spot like pardon my reach”
  4. “Lost individuals is all I see.”
  5. “Never had a lot. This is all I need.”
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My number 3, it’s ‘7AM On Bridle Path’. This song didn’t have a feature. It honestly didn’t need one.

  1. “Fuck a respectfully, I just want my respect.”
  2. “You know the fourth level of jealousy is called media. Isn’t that an ironic revelation?”
  3. “If we talking top three, you been slide into third like stolen bases.”
  4. “My wishes come true without blowing eyelashes.”
  5. “I had to pull ni**as out of the mud like I’m training Marines.”

Now these last two were hard to choose because all twenty-one grew on me.

At number 4, I’m going with ‘N 2 Deep’ featuring Future. Any Drake-Future combo is a bop, Periodt.

  1. “And we got adopted by some fifth ward strangers, you know what it means when I twist these fingers.”
  2. “Gotta lil candy in her pocket, she gone take of like a”
  3. “Baby, that pu$$y was so worth the wait. I wasn’t in love with them anyway.”
  4. “Kept the gallery open til ten for you and your friends. You know how I spend.”
  5. “Showed you just who I was, outside of the club.”

Finally, my number 5 it’s going to be ‘Pipe Down’. The Certified Sad Boy, I mean, the Certified Lover Boy did his thing.

  1. “I tatted your passport up. Now it’s looking like an arm sleeve. Just know that was all me.”
  2. “I know the book you would write is a tell some not a tell all. Just to make sure you well off, you would sell all rights.”
  3. “The world is yours, but the city is mine.”
  4. “Can’t believe you said you were ride or die, cuz you’re not here. Something, how you’re still alive.”
  5. “I was on yah a$$ like back pockets.”
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As a bonus, here are the top three honorable mentions from the sixteen that I didn’t choose:

  1. My number 1 honorable mention is ‘Girl’s Want Girls’ featuring Lil Baby. Although if your “girl gotta girlfriend,” she may not identify as lesbian. Just saying…
  2. My number 2 honorable mention is ‘You Only Live Twice” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. I thought Wayne would snap more, but they all did their thing.
  3. My last honorable mention is ‘In the Bible’ featuring Lil Druk and Giveon. Giveon’s verse was the coldest hands down.

These are my lists, but feel free to comment your favorite songs & bars from the Certified Lover Boy album. Come up with your own list if you want to. Just make sure you post it in the comments. 😁

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