December 5, 2023

Don’t worry, Teddy Riley’s internet hasn’t found its way into your home, Facebook is just “offline.” I know, I clutched my invisible pearls when I learned of the shenanigry too. The social media giant has been down now for several hours along with its other platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp. After the scathing interview with a former employee, Frances Haugen, on 60 Minutes that revealed she was the source of leaked documents that detailed public safety issues with the company, today many people around the world are facing widespread outages with no end in sight. 

Not that any of us are surprised, but Haugen accused Facebook of prioritizing money over social responsibility and not reining in the amount of misinformation and hate speech that was being spread on its platform. Shares of Facebook also took a tumble in the wake of Haugen’s revelations, some of the largest dips seen in almost a year. Shares also dipped as much as 6%. I won’t hold you long, but you should definitely take 60 minutes and check out the interview, sis ain’t lying and is echoing many of the sentiments that have previously been expressed here on BWNC.

The outage appears to be ongoing (about four hours now) and no one from the social media giant has given any explanation about what’s going on or when affected platforms may be restored. Business owners are also suffering as they’re losing thousands due to the outage. Many rely on social media marketing to grow their brand, engage new customers, and sell their products and services. With no ETA, this outage is also turning out to be a costly expense for business owners and does nothing to build trust with its users. A relationship that has already been on shaky ground for a while now.

While Zuckerburg continues to drift in privileged denial about the company’s deteriorating image, as luck would have it, the social media giant has asked a federal court to dismiss the FTC’s revised antitrust lawsuit citing the company has a monopoly and makes it difficult for smaller entities due to its dominant position. The case was re-filed in August under the FTC’s new leader Lina Khan who says the social media giant needs to be broken up. A judge has until mid-November to Facebook’s motion to dismiss the case.

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