November 30, 2023
Foot Knowledge, founded by Joshua King, gets the investor nod from Cortez Bryant –– Co-Founder of Maverick Partner, The Blueprint Group Company — C.E.O., and Young Money Entertainment — C.O.O.

When I say The Culture has its own mats, The Culture has its own mats. Foot Knowledge, founded by Joshua King, a graduate of Florida A & M University, is the go-to brand for all your floor mat needs. I sat down Joshua to talk more about the brand and his vision for the future.

For those who don’t know what Foot Knowledge is all about, let the people know your mission and vision. 

Foot Knowledge is an urban lifestyle floor mat brand founded by the Culture, for the Culture. FK products are rolled out in creative collections of culture-related quotes, positive affirmations, and exclusive capsule design collaborations. 

Foot Knowledge seeks to provide the ultimate statement piece for every space – everywhere. Durable quality + strong identifying messages are top priority, which ensures each FK product can lay perfectly at the intersection of novelty and functionality.  

How did you get started? 

After moving back to Atlanta for the second from Los Angeles, for the first time, I said self: “You need a doormat.” While looking for one, I noticed that the type of doormat I wanted didn’t exist –  quality and timely, cultural messaging. So I created Foot Knowledge to fill the void. 

What do you wish to accomplish with the Foot Knowledge brand? 

The hope is for FK to become a creative vessel where Black Culture leads where it goes. 

Name a fun fact about the brand that most would not know just by visiting your website or social media. 

Cortez Bryant (Co-founder Young Money + Lil’ Wayne’s Manager) is FK’s first investor 

Cortez Bryant is Co-Founder of Maverick Partner, The Blueprint Group Company — C.E.O., and Young Money Entertainment — C.O.O.

Where do you see Foot Knowledge in the future? Will Foot Knowledge only be selling doormats or branching out into other areas? 

Evolution is inevitable, but as of now, we’re focused on providing our customers doormats with intentional messaging and quality design. 

What does Foot Knowledge mean to Black Culture?

It’s pivotal as an entrepreneur, curator of Culture and brand marketer that I create with the intention to uphold what we do as Black people. In that regard, FK is dedicated to being the voice at the doorstep to educate and help our brothers and sisters identify with who they are, while showing it off – at the doe!

Joshua King, Founder and CEO of Foot Knowledge, in the studio ensuring the branding is just right.

Any plans for Women’s History Month? 

Foot Knowledge is actually hosting “House of Foot Knowledge: A Celebration of Black Women” in the DMV hosted by Karen Civil and sponsored by Bacardi. It’ll be a gracious, COVID-friendly moment. Black women are obviously the pillar of every community – whether it’s acknowledged or not – and that must be celebrated and shouted from the mountain top. So as the creator of FK, I plan to do what we can, when we can to shine light on us!

Check out this video of Foot Knowledge in action!


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Cirilo R. Manego III is the Chief Innovation Officer for Black With No Chaser. Follow him across all social media platforms @cirilomanego3.

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