October 1, 2023
George Zimmerman to file $100 million lawsuit, claiming his parents, prosecutors, family attorney all committed fraud and defamed him. #TrayonMartin #GeorgeZimmerman

George Zimmerman is back at it again with another lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s parents, only this time he’s looped in the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, prosecutors, and the State of Florida in his crusade to ruin lives. The complaint alleges the prosecution’s key witness in the 2013 murder trial of Trayvon Martin was a complete fraud. Zimmerman hasn’t stopped filing civil lawsuits since 2013. He’s lost every single one.

Trayvon Martin's mother: "I chose to live"
Trayon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, sits down with CBS to tell her story and why she “chose to live.”

Guess who Zimmerman retained as his counsel? Larry [damn] Klayman. Yup, that guy. He’s a former federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice and founder of Judicial Watch, a nonprofit conservative activism organization. Oh, the irony. This is the same guy, who has a reputation for being “pathologically litigious” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a genius at losing cases, is running around also alleging Benjamin Crump defamed Zimmerman. Spoiler alert: This case will also likely end in an “L.”

Let’s get into what this complaint is all about. Back in 2012, the Sanford Police – a city crawling with racism and a racist past – “thoroughly investigated” the murder of Trayvon Martin and ruled it “self-defense.” (We know that it was not thorough, at all.) The complaint asserts that the recorded audiotape produced by Crump, a week after the case was closed by Sanford Police, of 16 year-old Diamond Eugene (Trayvon’s girlfriend), who was on the phone with Trayvon before the altercation. But that’s not who took the stand. Who took the stand as “Diamond Eugene,” according the complaint, was 18 year-old Rachel Jeantel.

Historically, Sanford, Florida and its police department are riddled with racism. According to an article published by Mother Jones, the founder wanted to ship Black people back to the Congo (but failed) , Jackie Robinson was run off, and the city never paid restitution to the Black people, who lost their jobs due to the hostile merger of Goldsborough, an autonomous Black community. In 2010, the son of a Sanford cop assaulted a homeless black man, and officers on the scene let him go free. Proves why we should “trust” the results of thorough investigation done by Sanford Police.

Go figure.

At this point you’re probably wondering, “Where did they uncover or find this “new” and “credible” information?” The theory of the case hinges upon one book: The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America, written by filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Joel Gilbert. This book . . . this one book is the “compelling evidence” Larry Klayman and Zimmerman are basing their complaint on. (You gotta be kidding me.) The phone records were allegedly obtained and verified. I call B.S. on the whole complaint.

The level of narcissism and racism Zimmerman flowing through his veins must endless. In a perfect world, Zimmerman would’ve been locked up and Trayvon would’ve received justice. As it pertains to this frivolous lawsuit, however, I hope the judge sanctions Larry Klayman and fines Zimmerman for wasting everyone’s time, including the taxpayers’ money in Florida. Then again, I’m sure they are rooting for Zimmerman in good ole Sanford, Florida.

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1 thought on “George Zimmerman to file $100 million lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s parents and lawyer

  1. How much of a true piece of human garbage do you have to be to sue the parents of a son who was murdered in cold blood by guido sardouchebag $5.00 says the case gets dismissed and afterwards the judge will give that him a good long tongue lashing about his stupid decision all because he had nothing better to do then pretend to play mr Johnny-law” there and his actions that he HIMSELF caused and the consequences for going rogue, mistaking crazy for stupid, full blown retardation mode have consequences and that jackass didn’t just cross the line on lack of common sense ruined A LOT of people’s lives HE THREW UP ALL OVER IT. And then add insult to injury he’s suing the victims parents WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU THIS IS REVICTIMIZING TRAYVONS BY SLAPPING THEM WITH A RIDICULOUS LAWSUIT??? I knew some people were greedy and selfishness and beyond money grubbing but this is overkill and here’s another fucked up fact about George the douchebag he somehow got access to a computer and posted an ad on dating website how cold hearted do you have to be to think women would ever give him the time of day (yeah um NO THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS MR SOCIOPATH YOU DONT DESERVE ANY RELATIONSHIPS YOU THINK YOUR ENTITLED TO HERES THE ONLY THING YOU THING YOU REALLY EARNED 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Get stuffed and let’s hope you become someone’s bitch while you’re in prison. The only person George can blame for ruining A LOT of people’s lives when you went trigger happy on is YOURSELF there’s a lot of people who knew and loved this kid who’s life was snuffed out EVERY baby, kid teenager deserves to have future they can experience what this wacky world has as to offer dickbrains like George Zimmerman’s deserve to be executed the same way they killed that person it’s only fair

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