September 30, 2023

This episode was personal for so many reasons but this one was for the city. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI. I was asked why I wasn’t promoting that he was Young Money’s Own Lil Wayne’s DJ and I thought about doing it. Sure, that would’ve gathered more attention, maybe, maybe not. It was important to give the man his flowers while he is here, without attaching him to anyone else. Let’s be real, it ain’t easy coming from Mississippi and reaching the top. T. Lewis is a self made brand and that should be applauded. Being raised in a single-parent home and not becoming a product of his environment is a talent in itself.

If you don’t know about Jackson, Mississippi, you would not understand the type of obstacles it takes to pull yourself up from the bootstraps in one of the poorest states in the nation. The SONIC BOOM created a beast in T. Lewis and it took no time for him to take over every club scene, not just in Jackson, but throughout all 82 counties of Mississippi. T. Lew left his mark on every college campus this state caters to and more. It would be a dishonor to only recognize him solely as another major artist’s DJ, when he is an artist himself. Let that breathe for a little minute and recognize what all he did before reaching to the major music industry arena.

Your ears have been catered to by his sounds before, either by choice or force, you’ve heard this man. Whether you like him or not, you can not deny the power. Whether you appreciate the actual craft of scratching or not, you have to respect his cold wrist game. This nigga is the truth and rightfully so because he planned, prepared, and practiced to become exactly what he said he would be, The World’s Greatest DJ. He is exactly that. No cap. We know that Lil’ Wayne is known as the best rapper alive and the backbone of his sound for the last five plus years has been STRAIGHT OUTTA JACKSON.

So look, check this out, this week T. Lew wrecked the fucking internet by simply chiming in on the ongoing conversation about P-Valley. I love that fucking show and I love the sound but I hate the music choices, rightfully so. In a live video on IG, T. Lew explains his point of view on the soundtrack selection using examples like Hustle and Flow, The Chi, Insecure, Chicago PD, ATL and more. He mentions how the show stuck to the roots of the name they chose to base the show off of and they paid homage by actually using the artist.

P-Valley didn’t do that shit, they did what they wanted to do, which they have that right to do so, it’s theirs. You can do what the fuck you wanna do when you own shit. BUT the music choices crossed boundaries and those who are in the music industry from Mississippi have every fucking right to have an opinion on it, especially T. Lewis. Let’s be clear, it only represented a PORTION of Mississippi, not the entirety. WE ARE TOO DAMN JAMMING TO BE OVERLOOKED IN THE MANNER THAT WE WERE AND SECOND PLACE MAKES ME BUCK MY EYE (If you disagree with me go argue with ya Mammy, I ain’t here for it!) Things began to get heated because people felt like he should’ve kept his opinion silent and in classic fashion, the bashing begin. It was at this point I understood why this nigga chose “MOST HATED” as his logo. I watched it happen with my own eyes as the masses flooded from all directions blaming him for not doing this, that, and the other, after he voiced an opinion just like everybody else.

He explained that HE IS NOT GOD AND NEVER CLAIMED TO BE. While chasing and then catching his dreams, T. Lewis has successfully linked with and assisted so many artist from Jacktown. The thing is, he has never advertised it. The other thing is, if he has not connected with someone, it isn’t personal. Keep in mind that he has the right to tend to his own dreams and he owes nobody nothing. One thing he mentioned in our interview was the importance of effectively communicating.

Instead of asking T. Lewis questions, the crowds lashed out with assumptions. He took it with grace, in my opinion. I even got called a chump for echoing the man. Shit, I’ve had my odds with him over a decade ago. Young shit. Then you live and grow. Properly communicating can eliminate so many destructive words we speak towards one another. Sometimes people just want someone to blame and sometimes people just want to be mad, that’s unhealthy. As he took everything thrown at him, he still managed to use the opportunity to teach. Rather you gained something from all the exchanges over the last few days is on you but let me leave you with this:

Being on the outside of someone’s story will have you assuming all the wrong things and that brings out the worst character in us when we engage in things or people we have no knowledge of and social media is not an indicator of all things truth. T. Lew has paved another way for artist in Mississippi and we appreciate his talent, his growth, and his contribution towards putting us on the map in a major and consistent way. Thank you for carrying us on your back everywhere you go just like the Greats who paved the way for you, DJ Scrap, DJ Unpredictable, David Banner, Big KRIT, Reese and Bigalow, Ron Carbo, DJ Finesse and so many more.

With all the chatter happening this week, I just hope people ran to his page and saw all the promotion for #BESAFE and I hope people have watched the #GetFamiliar episode where he breaks down all his affiliations, the OGs of Jxn, working with our heavenly Angels, Lil Lonnie and E. Lucas, mental health, communication, manifestations, hate and love. It was a beautiful conversation and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the King because his growth is amazing to me. After knowing and watching him close to 15 years, I’m gladly giving him his flowers in 2020. Keep going and growing T. Lew! You represent us damn well!

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