September 25, 2023

The LA Sunflower Songstress

When you press play on “The One” video by Just Liv, you experience a taste of LA and its gives you all the feels. What kinda feels? Let me break it down. Since I’ve never had the opportunity to experience being in LA, after I watched the video, I felt like I was in that bihhhh I felt like I knew all the spots to be and all the folks to seek. That video looked like a melting pot of love full of melanin. YES GAWD! There is just something about the inviting smile of the Sunflower that I call OG but y’all can call her JustLiv. (Sorry to brag, but that’s my muthafuknnnn lil sisterrr 🤷🏽‍♀️)

Let’s take it back to 2009, we call this the PAST ERA. The brightest smile and ray of sunshine speaks to me as I exit the cafe at Tougaloo College. It was a wrap at hello! I discovered her musical talents and likewise, we took over of college campuses in Mississippi! Hell, we took over Jackson, Mississippi and let’s not be shy, we shutdown BET 106&Park in 2011, two years after meeting, all because she allowed us to be in her presence and in the presence of her sound. Dope, right?

The One Music Video

If you have not seen Get Familiar Episode 2 on Facebook, go rewatch her story that has led her to today. Today JustLiv is more than a familiar face in those LA streets. It’s amazing what all can happen in a year. While life took a pause, Kanye West sent the call and BOOM, JustLiv is living her best life at Coachella (her first experience was performing, get thee fuck outta here dawgggg) let’s kick it up a notch and babysis ends up on The Game’s ‘Born To Rap’ project, featured on NPR Tiny Music desk killing the backgrounds, on tour with Willow Smith (I caught her on tour life in Atlanta and I was amazed at her growth), the phenomenal cameo in D. Smoke ‘No Commas’ video; clearly she is a staple everywhere she goes. She even shares a song on Wale’s latest work and let’s not forget ‘Product Of The Ghetto,’ with King Nipsey Hussle, it’s gets NO DOPER PEOPLE, you can’t beat that shit!

CanILiv is her most recent work dropped on her Queen day. The three songs on the EP leave you thirsty for more, so thankful for JustLiv (The EP dropped last year) having more song to keep us full until the next drop. It’s amazing how songs can evolve and OG and her sound has evolved tremendously. Her family is musical and the music game is nothing new to her but adding Budda to the equation was pure elevation. Budda is a one-of-a-kind King, genius on the strings and genius on the stage. The love the two share on stage is amazing and that vibe just can’t be faked. Shoutout to The Juice Joint, I believe a lot of things birthed at this event and I gotta attend one ASAPLY!

The three songs on CanILiv EP gives great insight in JustLiv time living in Mississippi. So many stories are being told and the connection to Mississippi is still deep in her soul. Roots are pretty amazing. Staying true to yourself is even more amazing and the best gift one can give to self. Perfecting her craft is her aim and she does it beautifully. Everything she does radiates just like sunflowers in a field. In Mississippi, we call her songbird, but she is indeed the LA Sunflower Songstress. Go make yourself familiar and follow @sunnyis_justliv on Instagram and go cop some merch at! Now, last thing, go add her to your playlist and enjoy her sounds on all streaming platform. Thank you for taking the time to speak with Black With No Chaser ME!

Keep elevating higher and being the master of your fate. May you continue to grow in an abundance of love, health, wealth, joy, and happiness. We love you and we are so proud of you! Keep going!

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