December 4, 2023

2020 year on the sea shore. Element of design.

Like many of my conscious brothas and sistahs, my last ten years have been off the damn chain! The whos, whats, whens, wheres, and hows of the last decade have been extraordinary! We can’t be serious. Did you see the President? What about the Pope? We elected Donald Trump as US President and the Pope got in trouble for giving charity to the poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, even scientifically, we are effin screwed! We’re in a real live IDIOCRACY!

For real, this is serious y’all.

The only thing we can consciously focus our attention on is unfucking ourselves and our planet. Not only as individuals but as a collective. We all have to play our parts or the shit won’t work. I mean, we could sit around and play the blame game because we know WE didn’t build carbon beast factories and WE didn’t start fracking around the globe for rocks… yet, here WE are. 2020 and we have more suicides, depression, and destruction than ever! We are dead ass just now realizing our quality of life is damn near nonexistent and the American Dream is an illusion they used to get us here. Now we have the responsibility of fixing this mess. This mess we call life.

Years ago I read an article by Donald Latumahina that labeled the 5 Aspects of Optimizing Life: Work, Health, Learning, Social, and Spiritual. Fam didn’t say anything about money or the air we breathe so I already knew I needed to figure this out on my own. The way I see it, we have 7 imperative factors to consider if we want to optimize our lives. Optimizing these 7 factors will ensure a smooth run over the next ten years: spirituality, environment, health, relationships, finances, recreation, & knowledge.

*Innat ORDER*

I know people are like but how do you put knowledge at the end… you’ll understand.

SPIRITUALITY – Focus on the things that make you feel good. Things that create positive results and inspire others to feel good. Your spirit is alive and it needs your joy to thrive. No matter what you believe, happiness insures comfort. True happiness is contagious. Spread it.

ENVIRONMENT – Be comfortable. This doesn’t mean you won’t be in uncomfortable situations, this means make the best out of wherever you are. Make sure you aren’t wasting resources. Protect things that we need to survive. Your home, community, city, state, country, and beyond are all in reach if you can see a goal. Finding a way to make the best of your environment is the first step in developing a solid structure and saving our planet.

HEALTH – Health would be number one but with bad spiritual energy and a toxic environment it doesn’t matter if you are a picture of health, your life will suck just as bad as the next. Quit trippin’. You don’t need all that extra But do your best to eat clean and throw in some exercise every day. It doesn’t have to look a certain way for it to give you positive results. Make your own regime. Eat the veggies you like or take vitamins. Get your Vitamin D (it comes from the sun and our western lifestyles keep most of us unhealthy).

RELATIONSHIPS – Whether personal, spiritual, or professional, rid your life of toxic spirits. Just as happiness is contagious, so is it’s darker half. If there are people who make you uncomfortable or put you in uncomfortable situations, drop ’em like it’s hot! You will definitely try to excuse them but it’s either now or when there’s no other choice. Keep healthy relationships and work on the ones that just need some TLC.

FINANCES – Live to your damn means. Why is so hard for us not to have every little thing we want or someone else has? I mean really, we are running out of fresh air and water on the planet and people are comparing IPhone to Android. They say money is the root of all evil. I can’t say if that is true or not but I do know that the more you want the more you work! Let me say that again… THE MORE YOU WANT, THE MORE YOU WORK.

RECREATION – Every moment of our lives can’t be consumed by the rat race. Sometimes you gotta get kool. Let your hair down, as they say. Many times we lose ourselves trying to get money or chase a relationship. Sometimes we get so caught up in producing results for others that our true selves and passions are lost. How can we drop our responsibilities to others and focus on ourselves without losing? Easy. Factor in your recreation like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment… make sure its not empty time. Do something that fulfills your purpose of optimization. Build, create, experience…

KNOWLEDGE comes from experiences. That’s why it’s last… you get some every day. Are you soaking it in? Maintaining each of the above factors will gather a world of knowledge. It is a learning experience putting the equation of life together. Every question you have will require research. Every researched issue and answer will add to the person you are and the future.

Considering each factor and striving to detoxify aka unfuck each area will lead to a more fulfilling experience. We are celestial beings having a human experience. Get your pieces in line. All parts are important.

One way I have found is to have goals. If it is hard for you to keep your goals in mind, try a vision board. Vision boards became popular with the introduction of the Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne . Vision boards are a way of keeping your energy in tuned to what you want in life. For more instruction on making your own vision board check out the Be Your Own Goals: Your 2019 Vision Board Guide on ESSENCE.COM.

Maybe even grab some bottles and some smooth grooves and throw a vision board party!

Photo Courtesy of The Black Girls Network on Pinterest

What are some ways you can improve and detoxify your life for our future?

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CoDee Capone is dedicated to making it in Mississippi from Mississippi. With degrees in business management, innovation, and entrepreneurship, her goal is to educate, assist, support, create and develop safe, self-sustaining communities through small business and cooperation. Creating opportunity out of nothing and making things happen are her passions. From social justice and rallying to club hosting and event planning, CoDee does what it takes to make sure things in her community get done.

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