Graduation Cancellation Declined and a Random word to “Do Better”

Academic studies and achievement in our community is becoming more of an exception, not the rule, fortunately and unfortunately depending on your perspective. Education for many is just not worth the time, money, and effort given our blackumstances (black circumstances).

Many have worked for years to barely make it to the point of graduating. Many have made it to the point of graduating without support, love, or guidance. Many have had to surmount generations of oppressive odds to walk in the glory of their accomplishments, only to finish in this moment, with no graduation ceremony to speak of.

Too much focus given to a ceremony? I think not…

Context for comparison:
A wedding is not the be-all end-all. A wedding is symbolic of a commitment to marriage, the acknowledgement of the necessary transference of energy and awareness, and the beginning of a new season of life.

The graduation ceremony too is symbolic of the beginning of a new season, but also the end of a season and the acknowledgement of accomplishments earned. It is necessary and should not be denied.

Graduation is motivation. For many the ceremony itself is the encouragement needed to press on. It’s a living, moving, breathing representation of the reward for overcoming the black academic experience. Graduation is much more than messing up our crown in an unflattering cap and sweating beneath a gown. It’s for mothers and fathers, for aunts and uncles, for the generations watching from behind.

So what then is the expectation? And what is OUR plan?

Do we consent to sending our kids, our future, out into a world where they will undoubtedly be overlooked and not acknowledged for their hard work time and time again? Do we consent to jump starting the process of ignoring black achievement, black hard work, and black sacrifice or do we create our own moments of excellence the way we have the entirety of our existence?

I challenge the latter. Cancellation declined. Let’s get to work.

And also… from an annoyed Black TeeTee
How is posting your Senior year/graduation photo solidarity or support for those who won’t be able experience the occasion? If anything, other than unnecessary, these posts are a blatant slap in the face and an ever present testament to society’s self-centered and egotistical nature. These posts are an unsolicited reminder for the youth and their loved ones of the loss they are CURRENTLY experiencing for an achievement they have ALREADY earned. They are finishing a race with no ribbon to cross or pedestal to stand upon.

Hear me:
The need to be included, even in adverse situations, is such a toxic trait. (Next Blog Topic)
We have enough our own less than ideal realities to face and overcome without unnecessarily taking on someone else’s.

Ya’ll wild… Do Better

Peace and…
Dora the Goddess

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