September 24, 2023

UPDATE: An eyewitness came forward and shared that from what she could see Jaheim was unarmed and holding his hands up when he was fatally shot in the head.

In what can only be described as a tragedy, Gulfport Mississippi Police shot 15 year old Gulfport High Student Jaheim McMillan in the head Thursday afternoon. After shooting him in the head they then also handcuffed him. There is photographic and video evidence that supports this.

As of Thursday McMillan was in critical condition at a Children’s Hospital in Mobile.

Warning: Before Proceeding this story contains graphic images shared publicly by the family of the victim.

His mother, Katrina Mateen is heartbroken. In an interview with WLOX Mateen stated that she’s holding on to hope and that she is “not going to pull the plug on her son.”

She recently shared a Tiktok video of her by his bedside. The video also contains images of Jaheim on the ground handcuffed while bleeding. The image was tough to watch but what is tougher is the fact that even after the critical wound to his head, the police treated him as a dangerous criminal and not as someone who needed help.

Katrina Campbell told WLOX that In spite of the officer’s account, nobody held any weapons up at the officer and that they are lying to cover their butts.

What we do know for certain through visuals that have been obtained is that he was in fact shot in the head and then coldly handcuffed while laying there bleeding out.

Image of Jaheim after being shot and Hancuffed shared by his mother Katrina Mateen publicly via Tiktok.

There is a gofundme organized for the family by Amera Mateen. The Caption reads:

Jaheim McMillan is a 15 year old boy who attended Gulfport high school as a freshman. An incident occurred on October 6,2022 around 2:30 where Jaheim was shot at multiple times by a cop and once in the head after holding his hands up! He was also unarmed!! He had a McDonald’s bag and keys, a witness said.

After being shot in the head he was handcuffed and left there bleeding out the head with no medical attention. The cop left him there went to check on the other boys who were already handcuffed and on the ground. The officer ignored the law and public safety laws which leads to Jaheim fighting for his life today. Please help and donate for Jaheim and his mother Katrina mateen. #JusticeForJaheim❤️

We will continue to pursue and follow this story as the family and community seeks answers from the police. As of today no Bodycam, dash am or surveillance footage of the incident has been released.

Our thoughts are with Jaheim and his family during this trying time.

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