November 30, 2023

Fist up, Family. A lot of times we celebrate holidays because that’s all we’ve ever known. Yet when we really think about this day of so called “thanks” and  its true meaning, we might as well celebrate the day African slavery began ;and throw a party while we are at it. Let’s really ask ourselves: why we are celebrating the colonization and murder of a people? 

So today, I’m here to give you another option! Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving I’ll give you the option of celebrating “I Wish They Would Day!”  We are going to acknowledge the national day of mourning of the indigenous people, some of who look exactly like us! Still most importantly we will also acknowledge those ancestors that were enslaved and fought the wicked savages who tried to keep them in chains.

You know there’s a saying that goes ” I am not my ancestors”, but I’m here to tell you that I am my ancestors.  I am Harriet ,I am Sojourner ,I am Malcolm ,I am Assata. I am ALL of those who fought the systems of slavery and Jim Crow; and, I am one of those who continues to fight the oppressive systems of today.

So on I Wish They Would Day when you see your sistah or brotha in passing, greet them and say ‘I wish they would.’ In response that sistah or brotha should say the same. By saying this to each other, you are letting that sistah and brotha know that in my presence you are safe from harm me. In addition, you are also acknowledging that if anyone tries you in My presence I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. 

So On “I Wish They Would” Day acknowledge your brothas and sistahs and remind them that the fight of our ancestors will not be forgotten. Furthermore we also haven’t lost the knowledge and spirit of our warrior ancestors, it still resides within us and I wish a Mutha … my bad I Wish They Would ✊🏽! 

“I rather die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” – Ida B. Wells

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” – Malcolm X

Truth is powerful and it prevails.” – Sojouner Truth

“I’m a truth terrorist, a knowledge gangsta, a Black history hitman, a lie killa, urban guerilla roughneck,” he proclaimed during his lecture titled “The Truth Terrorist.” – Kahlid Muhammad 

“There’s no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively – I am one with the people.” – Huey P Newton. 

“If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night.” – Angela Davis

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.

It is our duty to win.

We must love each other and support each other.

We have nothing to lose but our chains.” – Assata Shakur

“T’was My Object to Carry Terror and Devastation Wherever We Went.” – Nat Turner

Imani Mfalme
Knoxville Tn organizer/ activist
Co founder of Community Defense of East Tennessee 
National Trainer for De-bug and Participatory Defense Network
Member of the Knoxville Black Mothers Day Bail Out
Black With No Chaser Media Member
Member of the National Council of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls
I do this work not only because of the personal impact but because it’s what I believe in within my core morally and spirituality.  I won’t stop to all the walls of the for profit slavery system have been dismantled 

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