September 30, 2023

A Hattiesburg, Mississippi Deputy Shot and killed a man yesterday evening. The victim, Corey Hughes, a Palmer’s Crossing resident, reportedly was mentally ill and in need of transport to Pine Grove Mental Healthcare. According to persons with knowledge and family members, the victim was in need of mental attention and the police were supposed to be there to transport them to Pine Grove Mental Healthcare.

The incident occurred around approximately 6pm on July 14 in the Palmer’s Crossing area. The community is clearly in pain as a result of this tragedy and it again raises the issue of why it is critical to have alternatives to police responding to mental health issues. Groups like Black Lives Matter have made a national push to address issues like mental wellness checks being handled by people with experience and mental health crisis training. Police are not only not equipped to handle these instances but have not shown the requisite temperament necessary to not meet these moments with deadly violence when these situations arise. Change must occur and the citizens of Hatriesburg have a right to demand it.

The officer’s name is unknown at this time. As more information becomes available we will provide more insight.

Details are scarce at this time but our thoughts are with the family of the victim. We stand with the people of the Hattiesburg community.

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