December 9, 2023

The Baton Rogue Art House is what KAWD Art Gallery is known as in the city where the mission is to educate, inspire and increase social consciousness by telling our stories. At Kawd, Kristen Downing, works with the community for events, exhibitions, and more.

As you walk through the gallery there are countless art pieces that stop you in your tracks, there is no way you can quickly pass anything the eye captures. As you enter rooms, the vibes all noticeably change yet staying the same, BLACK. You can witness BLACK HISTORY, BLACK EXCELLENCE, BLACK ART, BLACK TRAGEDY with the heaviest black presence that is evidently needed. Our ancestors are very pleased with what KAWD is contributing to the culture.

The Baton Rouge Art House: KAWD Art Gallery
KAWD Art Gallery (Baton Rouge, LA)
KAWD Art Gallery (Baton Rouge, LA)

This past weekend, BlackWithNoChaserMe traveled with Noxolo Ent and Dolla Black as he made his third tour stop (#TheRebirthTour2020) at KAWD Art Gallery. The art and blackness welcomed us in the most blackest, most bold, beautiful way. You instantly sink into your black comfort where you know your blackness is as safe as it can be. The entrance embodies an openness catered with wood panels of Black Historians. The room feels like a hug from ya Granny, I swear. The most impactful room was undoubtedly the Emmett Till room that can only be experienced in person, trust us on this one and go see for yourself.

Dolla Black #TheRebirthTour2020 Tour Stop #3 KAWD Art Gallery (Baton Rouge, LA)
Dolla Black #TheRebirthTour2020 Tour Stop #3 KAWD Art Gallery (Baton Rouge, LA)

Kristen began tattooing 14 years before painting on canvas after being inspired by her mentor, Miya Bailey. She then returned home to NOLA and never put the brush down. She is self taught and for two years and running, a phenomenal gallery owner. Let’s get more film crew out to capture this sacred space. Let’s get groups and school to schedule tours. Let’s do our job as a community to support this movement, spark conversation, share our stories, and be inspired.

Please visit and the FaceBook Page KAWD Art Gallery. Schedule your tour and go grab some knowledge. You will leave with something new. We thank Kristen for taking the time to speak with us and we will be back with more people to witness the greatness and continued growth of the black female owned Art Gallery that tells stories of our legends.

Watch the short tour: