September 30, 2023

1.) The Dragonstone monopoly board is absolutely immaculate.

2.) Luke still whining about being forced to control a balling ass crib at Driftmark while interest rates are 8%. I got my shit at 3% though. Y’all Flea Bottom nas better talk to me nice.

3.) Rhaenys couldn’t WAIT to tell all the happenings. She told the whole damn 9th episode.

4.) “Aight so boom..ya daddy died; Aegon the King now; They tried to imprison me but they can’t lock a real one up for too long; I flew out that bih with my dragon; Umm, lemme see, oh my dragon was face to face with the Collards, so I had her scream at em a lil bit; Annnnnd I essentially flew tf off.”

Daemon: Wait..You had who just scream at who?

5.) Oh 7 hells, not another child birth.

6.) Jeepers Creepers…

Medieval childbirth had yt women receive the same kind of healthcare as Black women in 2022.

7.) Midwives were about as useless as I was when my daughters were born. “Ummm, hang in there, babe. You…you got this.”

8.) Daemon playing Call of Duty while Rhanerya is literally fighting for her life.

9.) Daemon is so hungry for war, but was scared shitless to step into Rhanerya’s battlefield.

10.) Jace trying to check his UncDaddy. I gotta respect these Strong Boys. They really can’t fight, but they walk into a room like they can.

11.) Daemon has played COD, called up Caraxes’ bad body built ass so folks can either get down or lay down and planned a whole war.. Meanwhile Ranerya is trying to poop out a baby.

12.) These folks have spared no expense when it comes to dragons and dead babies.

13.) This episode is all over the place so far. We got a birth, a fune, a war meeting and a coronation in the first 20 minutes.

14.) Erryk pulled up with a crown, a knee and a speech. A thug tear may or may not have been shed.

15.) The loyalty they have for Rhanerya is clear and evident. Now THAT was a mf coronation.

16.) Auntie Rhaenys said she aint bending shit and if we aint like her so much, I wouldve wanted them to throw her over that cliff.

17.) Lol not them lighting up the Dragonstone Monopoly Board. That shit clean though.

18.) This is how you know the Targaryen’s are the Black folks of Westeros. They always gotta spice some shit up. They didnt really need to light the board up like that, but they did it anyway. And you know why? Because. Just because.

19.) You see how Rhanerya signaled for Rhaena and Baela to come join her at the table? Viserys somewhere crying from the side of his face that’s still in tact.

20.) The nig..I mean Black’s are seeking to reaffirm the support of the Barathon’s, Starks and Tullys. And they seek to do it through diplomacy. That’s admirable. Meanwhile, I’m in the back of the meeting counting how many dragons we got.

21.) Me: We got dragons, don’t it?!

Them: Who said that?!

Me: Just na on Team Black. But listen, we…we got dragons!

Them: And what does tha…

Me: Sorry to cut you off, but that means we pull up with 7 dragons and tell these mfs to BEND DEE KNEE.

Them: But..


22.) Otto should’ve been burned by dragon fire 15 different times.

23.) Daemon: “We have Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys.”

Rhaenys: “Me..who?”

24.) Daemon been keeping up with the dragons better than George R.R. Martin.

25.) Otto walks around like death doesn’t bother him and I don’t like that.

26.) The Blacks aint Black enough for my taste. I would’ve burned the Nigerian Emails out of Otto’s scamming ass.

27.) Grand Maester Orwyle stay having that “Please don’t kill me” look on his face.

28.) Notice how Otto said: “…considering generous terms from their King.”

More on that later.

29.) Rhanerya is her father’s daughter.

And as much as I admired and respected Viserys, fck him, fck that and fck that piece of paper Rhanerya ripped 20 years ago.



A whisper in the wind: But they got Vhager.

Me: Yeah, that’s true. They do got Vhager.

30.) Again. Daenerys was right. Sometimes…

*breaths for dramatic effect..affect? Fck it, impact…breaths for dramatic impact*

you just gotta burn a few hundred or a few thousand mfs.

31.) Rhaenyra: “You know my oath reaches beyond our personal ambitions.”

Daemon: “What bih?”

Rhanerya: “The song? Of Ice and Fire?”

Daemon: Starts choking the dragon fire out of Rhanerya

Me talking to Babymomma: “This n*a done killed his first wife, watch his second burn like Otto should’ve been burned and choked the daylight out of his third wife and watch yo fellow women call him their Toxic King.”

32.) The NegroGaryen awakes!

33.) Fam aint been up for 5 minutes and Rhaenys giving this man hell.

34.) Rhaenys: Nah, your brother died doe.

Corlys: Huh, what you mean!?

Rhaenys: Oh, nah. He was trying to take your place as Lord of Driftmark and then he was talking cash shit and then Daemon cut his head off.

Corlys: Oh yeah, that sound about right.

35.) I swear on the old gods and the new, Corlys NegroGaryen is a top tier Negro.

First off, he walks in, with a cane. Then he questions Rhanerya a lil bit on where her head is at, only for him to make this grand announcement that he is in fact on her side. All while telling her that he was retaken the Stepstones, even though nobody said shit about the Stepstones.

36.) Nobody: Everyone in the room: Thank you for your support, Lord Cor..


37.) Jace saw everybody else participating and thought it was a good idea to get in the action when he could’ve just..idk..stfu.

38.) Jace looking like he ready to ride out..

and Luke looking like he didn’t even sign up to do this and he doesn’t understand why he has to fly into Hurricane Katrina.

39.) Rhanerya: “You have Baratheon blood from your grandmother, Rhaenys.”


40.) Luke and Jace flying around like they know what they’re doing.

41.) Daemon going on side missions. Bro is stacking nukes like books in a spades game.

42.) Vermithor big ass said, “ANNOUNCE YOSELF!”

43.) Storms End looks depressing. That shit is Ohio with water surrounding it.

44.) Bruh, LeVhager James being that big makes no gawd damn sense. That is a fcking mountain with wings.

45.) And Luke. My gawd. The minute I see Vhager O’Neal’s big ass, I’m getting on Frontier Airlines Arrax and we are going tf home.

46.) Momma: “You give Borros that lil letter?”

Me: “Hell nah. We gone have to send a raven or a email or some shit. I had scoot up on outta there.”

Momma: “Aemond got you scared or something!?”

Me: *Casually grabs some grapes out the frigerator and starts moving around my hand like dice*

*Puts a couple of grapes in mouth*

“Hell nah. That gawd damn Vhager was bigger than the castle so I made a lil executive decision.”

47.) EyEmond: “I know that aint who I thank that is!?”

48.) And this is where the Nig..I mean the Blacks fcked up..

Rhae Rhae and nem should’ve known that some sort of quid pro quo had to be attached in order for most of the significant families/allies to swear their loyalty to the Blacks. For them to assume these families would be loyal after bending the knee 20 years ago to Rhanerya means absolutely nothing in this patriarchal dumpster shit for a world. Furthermore, Lord Scammer Otto Buckhead of the CashApp already told the Nig..I mean the Blacks these families are (See: Takeaway 28) “…considering generous terms from their King.”

This should’ve put the Blacks on notice they needed to at least bring some weed and women to the party. Rhae Rhae’s biggest weakness, thus far, seems to be her lack of ability to form political relationships with people, both highborn and brokies in Flea Bottom, alike.

49.) Lol I think that n***a Borros lowkey can’t read.

50.) Btw, Borros’ daughters weren’t exactly the cream of the crop.

51.) Aemond’s sapphire eye is the gold rope chain of Westeros

52.) How tf did EyEmond get to Vhager so fast?

53.) Arrax the 42 Dugg of dragons compared to Vhager. Wtf, man?

54.) So Vhager is not only a 747 Boeing Jet, but it moves with the sound of a Tesla? The dragon god knew what it was doing when it made this mf.

55.) The cinematography and CGI throughout this entire scene almost cost as much as my student loans.

It was absolutely pristine.

56.) Luke and Arrax should’ve camped up in those mountains. No way Vhager and her struggle dreads could fit in there.

57.) Arrax came through with the firepower of a cigarette lighter. Lord, be a forest fire.

58.) Oh shit!

And see, that’s when Vhager turned into the neighborhood dog that attack kids on principal.

59) EyEmond wanted to get his lick back which turned into Vhager wanting to get her lick back which turned into Vhager eating Arrax like a lemon peppa, WET.

60.) “Eye think Eye fcked up..” – Aemond

61.) Insert Lil Wayne “OOOOOOOO!!!!” gif YOU SEE THAT DRAGON IN HER EYES!!!

62.) Interviewing Vhager:

BWNC: So can you tell us what was going through your mind when you decided to start a civil war?

Vhager: I ain’t start shit. EyEmond was playing and I don’t play like that.

BWNC: But Aemond told you to stop.

Vhager: I can’t listen to him in that situation. He can’t SEE the bigger picture.

BWNC: Oh, that’s cold.

63.) Queen Rhaenrya of House Targaryen lost two kids this episode. She looked at that camera, looked straight at Alicent and eloquently, yet sternly uttered..

“You wanna talk shit? You wanna run your mouth? You want some dragons front your mf house? We’ll set this b*tch off, yeah, set this btch off. We’ll set this b*tch off, set this b*tch off..

They call me Rhae Rhae and I’ll punish you. You ain’t my equal, we ain’t people and I ain’t one of you..”

64.) Stay tuned for Season 2, Episode 1 in 20..20..fcking..4. Lord, help us Blerds and Blerd adjacents.

65.) (Bonus Takeaway)

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House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 10 Summation Part 1:

Sigh. I’m not crying, y’all crying

The last 10 weeks have been a breath of fresh air for me. And I hope for you too. I’ve been doing takeaways for a minute now. I enjoy them. They actually started on my personal page, where I would provide commentary pertaining to political events, like the State of the Union or a ghetto Congressional Hearing. But regardless of the subject matter, they’ve always been fun. And most importantly, funny.

Writing—so far at least—is more of a hobby than an actual career. But it’s something I love to do.

And what I’ve discovered since I first started drafting takeaways a few years ago is that writing comes in many forms. But no matter what form of writing I choose, I always try to find the funny. Yes, even with some of the more serious of topics, issues or forms of entertainment. And I’m unapologetic about it. Honestly, it’s one of my goals when I write. Now don’t get me wrong, I try not to force it. So if it’s not there, it’s not there. But I find that to be rare. So, writing forms and styles may change. But the humor, no matter how light or dark, remains consistent.

I realize this form of writing known as “takeaways” isn’t your traditional novelization or think piece format. I get it. I’ve written many of think pieces/essays and used many of big words. But for my takeaways, I choose to let my hair down.

Fck it.

There are only so many avenues and intersections where we don’t have to code switch or bow at the crusted feet of the Oxford comma. And I’m happy to see so many of us relate to that very notion and reside (even if momentarily) at these same avenues and intersections. So we laugh. Y’all laugh with me, all while commenting funnier takeaways than I could ever muster. And words not takeaways cannot express how much that means to us at Black With No Chaser.

What a dope community we are building.

And we’re just getting started. And also, we’re going to keep this going.

Be on the lookout for even more content and podcasts from us that revolve around our thrones community. Because us Blerds and Blerd adjacents need to sometime let our hair down and yell from the Trailer Park De La Ghetto streets of Flea Bottom to the Red Keep:


House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 10 Summation Part 2:


Nary an atom:

Aemond talking to Vhager after they stop for gas on the way back to Kings Landing:

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