September 26, 2023

1.) The old gods and the new have mercy, not another medieval child birthing.

2.) Rhaenyra holding her baby like a momma in a Lifetime movie and Child Services doing a smooth lil walkthrough.

3.) Rhaenyra left a whole trail of after birth in the Red Keep. This was def the start of COVID-19 BC.

4.) Closed all three of her rings on her Apple Watch though.

Rhaenyra ain’t got NAN maternity leave. Murica, fck yeah!!

5.) That baby a whole Caucasian from House Caucasian with a Garlic Aioli Sigil.

Like, how you look these folks dead in they face and tell them this uniquely looking Blonde/grey haired dread head NegroGaryen fathered that bald Viking?


7.) Alicent so gawd damn..just gawd damn. You know? She’s like GED Cersei.

8.) Laenor about as valuable as a five dollar bill during the Biden Administration but he gone turn up for Joffrey’s honor.

9.) Viserys arm is just fcking off. Like, gone. Like..bruh. Again, I ask..


10.) That baby got a whole -2 melanin count.

11.) On 7 gods and dem, I hope Laenor spin the block on C Cole.

12.) Break Bones Strong and Rhaenyra really just out here playing house and not expecting anyone to notice this shit??

Meanwhile, Laenor just wanna do hoodrat shit with his friends/lovers.

13.) Aegon has a very beat up-able face.

14.) All these mfs walking around with hair as silver as yo momma’s side tooth and Rhaenyra’s kids got hair blacker Jalen Rose’s dye.

15.) Ahh yes, we’ve reach the “yt kids going to investigate dragons in a fcking dragon pit” portion of the program.

Btw, Aemond takes me as the kid they’ll regret bullying. He..He got that dog in em.

16.) Alicent and the Kang’s other daughter, Halaena over there playing with bugs and eating crayons.

17.) The more dead Viserys is, the more disrespectful Alicent gets.

Cause the day Alicent said half that shit to me she said to Viserys, is the day Alicent would’ve been stumbling over shit while walking cause she couldn’t see shit. Cause, ya know, hard to navigate when you’re headless.

18.) C Cole a diabolical fcking hater.

19.) I know this lil ni***a not wacking off in the same window Lil Tommen jumped out of.

They need to produce a spin-off on that window.


21.) Again, the Buckhead Hightower Scammers are right about one thing, which is Aegon is the challenge to Rhaenyra’s throne.

22.) Oh, these dragons, dragonin’

23.) Vhagar is fcking huge. Shiiit, If I’m going to war, I’m going to war with Vhager. Fck that.

Them: Sir, here, ride Lil Dragonseryus

Me: Nah, I’m riding this big mf.

24.) Nah, Daemon and Laena are def the couple on the couples trip who wants to go hike a volcano and all the other couples are like eeeeeh, y’all got it.

25.) These dreadlock wigs were made in the Tyler Perry House of Wigs and Witchcraft.

26.) Gawd damn, that Velaryon DNA kicked that Targaryen DNA ass when it comes to Daemon’s daughters. That’s that mother land DNA.

I know Daemon is TSA Pre Check CLEAR, but he does do an extremely high amount of n***a shit, so maybe he got some dormant melanin in em.

27.) Aegon is Joffrey with slightly better brain chemistry. And when I say slight, I mean like maybe one stir better. Not much better at all, in fact.

28.) C Cole is literally a Westrosie Twitter troll account.

29) Lyonel Skrong so stressed. Got one son with side children and the other son who is Hollywood Unlocked with a limp.

30.) Laenor just wanna fight and go to fashion week.

31.) Nobody:

Rhaenyra: We got sons!!

Laenor: B***h WHO got sons?

32.) Laena is such a rider. Now THATS a ride or die.

33.) The Stepstones got a stranglehold unlike any other on Viserys don’t it? Stepstones are like Afghanistan.

Quick Side note/Question: HOW IS VISERYS STILL ALIVE!??

34.) Daemon’s daughter: I love you!

Daemon: Yo egg hatched yet?

35.) Daemon got a Chilis gift certificate and. 401 K and moved to the suburbs.

36.) The fcking nerve of Alicent.

Rhaenyra is over here pushing through. Just gave birth. She got McDonald employee benefits because no leave in sight. Poor baby leaking fire and milk. Made an offer to her, and she STILL said, “Fck you.”

Has Rhaenyra been a lil loose with the rules? Yes. Does Alicent want Break Bones Strong to be the granddaddy of her grand babies? Probably not. Is Rhaenyra only making this offer because all the heat is on her for birthing a third black haired Icelandic baby in a row? Probably so! But, with all that said..shit what was I talking about? Never mind. All these mfs crazy.

37.) King Rodney Viserys wants everyone to get along so damn bad.

38.) These stairs are kicking mf ass and taking mf names

39.) Alicent was READY to be a top commenter if Lyonel posted that real parentage on IG.

40.) Lil Foot Larys the Kane Strong is a fcking menace. I don’t see how nan n***a trust him.


42.) Laena said she wanted to die a dragon riders death. One would assume that meant like falling off that mf. Not getting cooked by one.

43.) Every time I see a dragon cook something, it reminds me that some of y’all still like well done steaks. Y’all embarrass god and country with that shit.

44.) Child birthing in Westroes just ain’t it. If I were a woman, I’d be drinking that Morning of the Plan B Tea like mineral water.

45.) Rhaenyra: We are NOT leaving Kings Landing!

Jacaerys: Is Break Bones my daddy?

Rhaenyra: Ok, let’s get tf outta here, shall we?

46.) The two Skrongs we like, NOOOOOO!!!!

47.) Lil Foot Larys the Kane Strong looking at Alicent like, “Look here, b*tch, owe me.” He lowwwwwwwwkey, might be from Oakland.

48.) Alicent pretending to be shocked. The yt woman is strong in her.

49.) Viserys was crying, kissing his dead’s wife’s ring like, “When am i’s gone die!”


51. (Bonus Takeaway)

Ok, I just did 50 takeaways.

Between me doing this every week, name check spelling (these names are kicking my ass, I can’t even lie) and trying to think of jokes, it’s def a lot.

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House of the Dragon EP6: The Princess and the Queen Recap

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